29 March 2012

LFC Tour USA. Let's go there!

Liverpool FC will take part in a showpiece game against AS Roma at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, as part of the ballpark's 100th anniversary this summer.

The match against the Italian giants will take place in July 25 and will form part of Liverpool FC's North American pre-season tour presented by Standard Chartered Bank.

Tickets for the Boston match will go on sale on Saturday April 28 with details of how to buy tickets available at www.lfctour.com next month.

The Reds last travelled to North America in 2004 to play matches in Connecticut, New Jersey and Toronto, and will return this July for a 12-day tour that will include at least two matches. 

Boston will serve as Liverpool FC's home base throughout the tour and the team will conduct its pre-season training sessions at the esteemed Harvard University. Details and ticket sales information for other tour stops and venues will be announced in the near future on www.lfctour.com.

Those were excerpt I cut and paste from liverpoolfc.tv.

Ain't that exciting enough for us here in Malaysia? Why not? Firstly, I envisaged that we won't have issues pertaining to stadium tickets because the stadium capacity in USA are not less than 40,000 each. And sometimes they have a hard time to find a full house for their domestic Major Soccer League. The match that involves one David Beckham is the only sure thing but based on the statement above, the Liverpool tour doesn't include the West Coast, unless LA Galaxy is invited to play in Boston too. So no worries about the stadium ticket.

As for the currency exchange, somehow US Dollar is `cheaper' for us than Pounds Sterling. A dollar is equivalent to RM3 while a Pound is RM5. To control the cost of the trip from Kuala Lumpur, it is better to watch the match in New Jersey because our national carrier lands in Newark. To fly to Boston, which is the homeground for the LFC owner, Fenway Sports Group is a bit pricey because you'll need to catch another flight there. But I remember the city as beautiful but extremely cold (I went there during the winter) where I was "introduced" to not merely a snow but blizzard. 

I have never been to Canada, so I can't comment on that or recommend any. Perhaps any of you would suggest otherwise that Canada is a better option? I suspect the tight security check at the Canadian airport is the same with the one practice in USA. It's not abnormal but more as a sickening experience because any of you whose face fit the criteria of "Middle Eastern origin" would find yourself under extra examination there.

Other than that, USA is a great place to visit. There are many places you saw every day in TV that excite you to do the exploration. So now, we have another reason to go there: to watch our beloved football team Liverpool FC. Let's do some serious thinking.

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