12 July 2009

Beckham vs Donovan : The rich and not so rich feud?

Becks slams critical Landon

DAVID BECKHAM has blasted back at Landon Donovan for criticising his commitment to LA Galaxy.
Donovan recently questioned the England midfielder's level of dedication since joining the Major League Soccer club in July 2007.
But Becks, who is back in America after a loan spell with AC Milan, insists his team-mate's comments are wide of the mark.
He fumed: "In 17 years, I have played with the biggest teams in the world and the biggest players and not once been criticised for my professionalism.
"I'm personally very professional when I am on the field.
"I don't care what people say about me off the field, once I'm on the field I'm professional."
Despite his disappointment with Donovan, Beckham claims it will not affect the pair on the pitch.


  1. I have read with great interest on this issue when the article on Donovan's book made it into the UK newspapers. Simply put it, I wanted to know what have Beckham achieved in the USA. Apparently, he managed not only to get himself rich and making friends with the Hollywood celebs, but also alienated his lesser-paid and lesser-talent teammates. Pity Donovan. hehehe...

  2. And over the weekend, I watch the silly football movie THE GOAL... that supposedly Latin player hails from LA whose family migrated from Mexico and ended in Newcastle United and in this part 2, he become a Real Madrid player and scored some spectacular goals. Yeah dream on! What I want to point out is that, though Beckham (while he was there) didn't really spoke a proper lines, he was seen many times in the shots. To me it show that Beckham knows how and when to show himself. I do suspect he got massive payment for that few seconds appearance. I don't really care about his football (he was a SCUM, after all) but when he wore England shirt, it would be interesting to root for him (hahaha bias...)

  3. Now... if we try to understand what is actually transpired between Beckham (the richest and most popular footballer in the world ... sorry Ronaldo... you don't have Tom Cruise as your buddy yet) and Donovan - an American who happens to be a captain of USA football team who surprised every one with the Confederation Cups stunning victory on the Spaniards. Donovan said Beckham has no captaincy quality. When the team is down and losing, Beckham were like every one else... silent, which to Donovan - shouldn't be like that... may be Donovan were hoping Beckham would do Drogba... shout expletive words to the man in black?

  4. One of the issues Donovan raised was the huge amount of pay that Beckham is taking home while the rest of the team received a modest salary. My question is why is that MLS capped the salaries in the first place? Isn't this the mother of globalisation, open market and market driven country? Why do they need a limitation on how much does a player should take home in their lowly league? Do they expect to attract European talent by doing so? I mean... they do... especially those players that we usually labelled as `has been' or `past tense'. So Donovan.... WHAT EVER!


Badri Ibrahim said...


Ronaldo might not have Tom Cruise as buddy but he did had Paris Hilton as 'buddy' to celebrate his recent signing.


Johardy Ibrahim said...

Wahh.... penyokong Norwich sudah mari! welcome! welcome!



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