03 August 2009


My gang were somewhere near the left tower of the floodlights... It does look big based on this photo but funny, we had to sit on a wood bench... something that is already not in used in Malaysia since the 1990's and yet Singapore maintained it. hmmm...

  1. Yesterday, I bought the last season LFC performance reviews DVD. But I still didn't have time to watch it. May be tonight, may be not because I still have Sopranos to watch (it's really addictive... seriously!) And of course, if I were to watch the LFC's DVD, I would go straight to the March 14th. You know... the day when we beat Man.U 4-1 at Old Trafford. That would be invigorating, rejuvenating and full of orgasm.... (what ever it means! hahaha)

  2. I have established a good communication with our fellow bloggers from across the Tambak Johor. Well, among other things that we discussed was the location that we can go to buy some interesting LFC merchandise. After gotten a jacket and a shirt on my recent visit, I still have the strong urges to return there to get a hold on many more things.

  3. According to Bakhtiar Afandi Muhayat, merchandise can be found at La vanita,Weston Sports at Peninsular Plaza,also at LFC branch at Kreta Ayer CC ,Hong Lim Park.Weston Sports the most famous at the moment,,can bargain too..Queensway well, is a sports hub where alot of sports items can be find.

  4. Since the trip with my reliable chauffeur (Kajang-Today) and companion (Daniel) can be considered a success-trip, it is also I must noted a good experience on what to expect and what to do and how to get there... It's not like it was first trip but mind you, my previous trips were on business-official functions and I get to fly there. Easy. Then after travelling via land and driving (sleeping) the whole journey, I find it very much an eye opener. I can do it on my own! Yeah... get our fellow bloggers to wait for you on the other side - take you to the mall and then return to the taxi stand. It's not like you will stay there for a week...

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ariel said...

The stadium where the match between Liverpool & Singapore was hosted at the Kallang Stadium which had been around since 1973, that explains the wooden bench



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