19 August 2009


The only sure thing is this fella will be on TV giving his opinion about french fries. Check out his blog at http://rizalhashim.blogspot.com/. And if any of you heard anything that he say that might construed as an assault, insult, cynical or anything like that, pertaining to the subject of Liverpool FC, please write to me. I will not hesitate to start a dedicated space to bash him. By the way, Rizal is a good friend. So I know, he won't sue me... hehehe

  1. No. I have checked twice. ASTRO is choosing the UEFA qualifying games. I don't think watching the game online would be any good for my mental and health condition. For the monopoly satellite TV provider in the nation, they think they know best for us. They've just increased our monthly sports channel subscription for another RM12 and yet, they show us matches that doesn't interest us that much. ASTRO should have shown The English Premier League. To be specific, Liverpool match against Stoke City tonight. ASTRO must be taught a lesson in handling a monopoly business.

  2. Unfortunately, Vincent Tan tried with his TV but to no avail as ASTRO signed an exclusive country broadcaster with the respective content provider i.e ESPN will not allowed the matches to be shown by multiple TV station. That's why Vincent Tan's MiTV is going nowhere. Regardless of that, the one opportunity to give ASTRO a run for its money, all of us must find a way. Let's write a petition or something.

  3. And better, we write a petition to Rafa Benitez to sale Lucas Leiva, Voronin and Babel.


Anonymous said...

pedulikan komen dia tu,dia sendiri tu bukan betul sangat,hamba Allah juga,selalu baca artikel/komen dia,ambik yg baik,yg buruk buang je,dia tu sengaja nak jentik je,hahaha,rizal jgn mare bro
Bob From Kuching

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Yo Bob,

Rilek... rilek. Rizal is still a friend, professionally and also socially speaking. Just be aware if he ever say something bad about our club.
And ...since I have come in open about myself and now you know my full name, it is okay for you to address me as simply JOE or Bro. Bcoz when you write me name in full... macam surat rasmi laaaa

Khan said...

There will be live telecast on the internet, so make sure not to miss the game la


Khan said...

oh..and the live streaming is usually good. Watch em on and off all the time

Johardy Ibrahim said...

masalahnya bro... broadband JARING aku ni unreliable...

YNWA said...

4-0!!! A much improved display but the real tests are against the big teams but you cant afford to drop points against smaller teams. Double celebration!!! MU got beat 1-0 by Burnley and Carrick missed a penalty. Ronaldo, please help MU. I guess Tombiruo must behaving a headache..hehe

tombiruo said...

Still early maa. the same as last season. No worry. wakaka



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