10 August 2009


What's with that signal, Evra? Did Ballack said something in German that you misunderstood?

  1. WHAT can you gather from the match last night between Man. U and Chelsea? I missed the 1st goal as I was still on my way home or stopping by at the burger stall in front of my house. But I saw the other 3 goals. What I want to bitch a little bit here is how both of the second goals by the respective teams were made of fraud!

  2. The Chelsea goal was built from a `hand gesture' from a German gangster - who evidently elbowed Evra. Find. On another note, no one should stop playing until the ref blew the whistle, which he didn't. The ever amazing ref of English Premier League has never failed to amaze us!

  3. Then the second goal scored by Rooney was also a fraud. He was about 10 km off-side and yet that man-in-black couldn't see it. Well, I will not talk about the eventual winners from that stupid penalty misses... but one thing we can summarised here is that the match was a crap.

  4. Ok, we understood that this is just a Community Shield and the real one will only resume next weekend where the points are counted. But hey... if you want to make this game as a pornography item, the elbowing incident shouldn't have happened, right?

  5. We shouldn't be reading too much on this game. But another aspect we can see from the Man.U set up was that Michael Owen won't be that much a threat vis-a-vis Valencia. I think Valencia could do some serious harm. I remember he did score the solitary goal when Blackburn were downed 3-1 by Liverpool last season. And they would have to rely not only to Rooney but also the old-horses of Ryan Giggs and Scholes. Pity them. This old-horses would easily get injured after the 7th games.

  6. As for Chelsea, if we can believe what has been said by the tv commentator, the new coach is creating some sort of a diamond a la Sven. And mind you, since the squad didn't change that much, the mentality and the power within led by that impressive Drogba... I guess Chelsea is still the same bitch that we have to hate this season. But I must stressed (especially those Chelshit fans who are reading this now), we the Liverpool fans are not really categorising Chelsea on the top of our HATE CHARTS. It has always been Man.U and will always be. So I suppose the fans of Chelsea must not act silly towards us. Your enemy is our enemy.... That's why ``I won'' also last night. hehehe


Yadayada said...

nicely said...

(i'm still sweating on who gonna be our centre-backs on the opening day)

tombiruo said...

I thought the between Liverpool and Atl. Madrid was more entertaining.. :)

tombiruo said...

forgot "game" hehehe

Johardy Ibrahim said...

That's why I ``love'' Tombiruo. Bro, don't you have a blog so that me and my fellow bloggers can reciprocate your comment? hihihi

Naaa... not to worry. You're always welcome here.

As the new season starts, we shall renew our analysis, teasing and mocking and whatever.

But please, don't go personal (attacking on individual's), don't use explicit wordings that only show the negativity in the respective writers personality and abide by the Rukun Negara principles yaaa!

tombiruo said...

yes sir, understood Sir... hehehe

tombiruo said...

from merriam webster:

* Main Entry: 1scum
* Pronunciation: \ˈskəm\
* Function: noun
* Etymology: Middle English, from Middle Dutch schum; akin to Old High German scūm foam
* Date: 14th century

1 a : extraneous matter or impurities risen to or formed on the surface of a liquid often as a foul filmy covering — compare pond scum 2 2 b : the scoria of metals in a molten state : dross c : a slimy film on a solid or gelatinous object
2 a : refuse b : a low, vile, or worthless person or group of people

Johardy I object to your referring Man Utd as scum.. Please la "Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan" mana pigi... hehehehe

Johardy Ibrahim said...

The personal insult I meant was something like... Tombiruo sh*** (for example). That's what we want to avoid.

ok you can call Liverpool what ever you wish. But I don't guarantee you will be let go easily by my other fellow Kops. hihihi



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