05 August 2009

Sir Alex Ferguson never failed to amuse with his doom prediction on Liverpool

Xabi Alonso’s departure could have a bearing on Liverpool’s chances of improving on last season’s second-placed finish, but Sir Alex Ferguson had already written them off before the deal went through.
The manager of Premier League champions Manchester United said yesterday: ‘I don’t know if it will make a big difference to Liverpool. He is a good player but the thrust of the team is all about Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.
‘Liverpool have just had their best season for years, finished up with 86 points and still finished four adrift. It will be hard for them to match that, let alone improve. Other teams will read them better.
‘It has to be Chelsea as the main threat. Carlo Ancelotti will change the way Chelsea play'. - The Daily Mail

  1. So what do we make of this? Should we be mad? I don't think so. Let's get even. Because mind-games is one area that no one can beat Sir Alex. After all, he is now the oldest bastard not only in Manchester but the whole of UK, including the Falkland Islands.

  2. It has been confirmed by the club on the departure of Xabi Alonso for £30million. Let it be. If you're set to go and your mind, your soul's elsewhere, we have to accept that Xabi won't be a Kop next season. According to the news report, Rafa is eyeing Roma midfielder Alberto Aquilani to replace Xabi. Not sure if this fella is similar to Xabi but for a price of £17m, Aquilani (aku janji?) he would be one of our most expensive midfielder after Javier Mascherano. errr... excuse me, Mr Steven Gerrard - another midfielder that we have - is priceless!!!

  3. So Sir Alex already count us out. Funny he can say such thing boldly, even without his diva, Ronaldo to help the squad change the playing tempo. I deliberately cut & pasted the above news report quoting Sir Alex because I surely will re-paste it when we beat the scum again, this coming season.


Firol said...

orang tua tu belum tgk lagi..Tahun depan tentera merah punya penangan

Yadayada said...

he's definitely losing it...
can't do much, we will shut his fat stinking mouth when we beat their ass to pulp, again!

Aizat.h said...

fergie totally forgot that he too has lost ronaldo to madrid..
who gonna score for them 20+ per season? owen? i highly doubt it...

Mighty Reds said...

We all know the scum manager talks through his ass...For Liverpool, is aquilani a good buy? On the plus, he's two-footed, more attacking-minded and scores goals. But he is also injury-prone. That worries me a little bit.



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