09 August 2009

NEW SEASON 2009/2010 STARTS TONIGHT (Chelsea beat Man.U ? hahaha just a speculation)

Thou shall not forget 14 March 2009 in Old Trafford...

  1. It's just an hour half to go before the kick-off for the Charity Shield match between Man.U against Chelsea. A big smile on my face because this is also means a new season is starting. The challenges will be massive for Liverpool with the likes of Man. City who have been attracting many English-based players with their petro-dollar.

  2. Wow... the 3 months waiting was surreal. That involves a memorable journey down south to Singapore to watch the team with my own eyes.

  3. I supposed many of you would be watching the game afterwards. It's not a sin. After all, we should study their prowess and weaknesses. In terms of Man.U I always wonder how would they cope with life without Ronaldiva... and Tevez...

  4. We lost Xabi Alonso and his supposedly-substitute would only be playing in 2 months time. I wonder if we can do better during the opening month of the season.

  5. After a quick study on the match schedule, I noticed that quite a few games will be played at 4am Malaysian time. Never mind sleeping because after the game, we can SAHUR... hey it's Ramadan very soon! hehehe...

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