15 August 2009

Peter Crouch, Robbie Keane. Do we fear them?

The alumnus of Portsmouth will be fighting each other tomorrow. Glen... you can stop Defoe, aren't you?

  1. My own personal opinion is : NO. The ones that we should be weary of is the one who has the speed, small in sizes and cunning in fooling the defenders. I am referring to Aaron Lennon. Why the heck didn't Rafa buy him, is another mystery to me. May be Rafa simply don't believe in small size winger. Or didn't believe any English winger for that matter, post-Pennant fiasco.

  2. According to some analysts, just as his career at White Hart Lane seemed to have stalled, Aaron Lennon kicked into overdrive midway through last season to re-establish himself as one of the most exciting young talents in the Premier League. The England man could have an interesting tussle with inexperienced, yet similarly promising, Insua.

  3. Another danger would come from Jermaine Defoe. Scoring a brace in the friendly match against Holland a few days ago, must have a massive boost on Defoe determination. To me, Defoe is one of the similar character of Lennon in the Hotspur squad. Funny is that - Hotspur this season is comprised of Portsmouth alumnus, one former Liverpool favourite and one Liverpool reject. And you know pretty well whom I am referring to.

  4. I still have that sentimental feeling towards Crouch and together with majority of the LFC fans, we do sympathised on his plight. He was rudely forced to quite the team, even though he's performances as the second striker has improved behind Torres. Remember the triple game against Arsenal a couple of seasons ago and he was chosen to start the middle game and he scored that beautiful goal from outside the penalty box... As a human being, I try to comprehend if he will try his deadliest best to score against Liverpool tomorrow night. As a fanatical fan of Liverpool, I'll say Mr Carra will stopped him good.

  5. As for Keane - the love has never been there. The courting period was too brief to reach that vital blossom phase. hahaha... He managed to score the last Hotspur goal against Liverpool last season but again, Skrtel will scruple his effort.

  6. Of course, there were news report about the concerned on Carra & Skrtel's fitness if they could play in the first game of the season in The White Hart Lane. I say it's all propaganda. Both of them will surely start the game. And will thwart all the attacks by the Tottenham and win the game for Liverpool.

  7. What else would I say? Go for a draw? It's unacceptable thing this season. Utterly unacceptable! Bear in mind, we have Torres and Gerrard. Be very scared. Very. Very...

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