14 August 2009



  1. Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane are determined to show their old boss Rafa Benitez what he is missing when Tottenham entertain Liverpool in their opening day Barclays Premier League fixture at White Hart Lane this Sunday. Benitez sold both strikers to Spurs counterpart Harry Redknapp with Crouch heading to Portsmouth last summer and Keane dramatically sold back after an agonising six-month spell at Anfield as the England international's £20million replacement.

  2. Unlike Alonso, both of them could be categorised unlucky. Crouch especially, has shown a tremendous development in his game and a favourite of the fans - prior to Fernando Torres's arrival. The only problem with having Crouch is that, Liverpool game is easily read by the opponents. You can't stop Crouch from receiving the high-ball in the penalty box, you might do better if you can stop the delivery in the first place. May be the long-ball has been too long associated with Liverpool. Even during Owen-Heskey era. Crossed the ball to Heskey who will bring down the ball to Owen who then convert it. Similar with Crouch, he either passed it to others or score himself.

  3. While we can examined the effectiveness of Crouch and the dilemma he faced due to Rafa's strategic preferences... it's a bit weird when it concerns Keane. I must say he failed during his short stay. And his failure prompted Rafa to let him go. Unfortunately, Keane and his sympathisers refuse to see from that point of view. During the injury period endure by Torres, it was Keane on the front line but he failed to replicate his Tottenham performances in Anfield. Thus the lowly 7 goals in 28 games. In the last encounter last season, Keane scored scored against Liverpool and had a hard time walking back to the centre line... You know he usually have a nutty goal-celebration like shooting the guns but just walking with a difficult face showed everything. He should have scored more when he was with LFC. Of course the funnier side of that sorry-saga was that Rafa didn't get any replacement for Keane. Rafa chose to rely on the new kids. Oh my God!

  4. And we still don't have a second reliable striker until now. I saw the headlines proclaiming that Hertha Berlin is asking for the resumption of season-loan contract with Voronin. hmmm... I don't know. If Rafa wishes so, at least find another experience striker before he let Voronin go. Without Voronin, the ones that left are all juniors. David Ngog and El Zhar. Last season, Gerrard was used as the supporting-striker (when ever both of them were eligible & fit). But in the absence of Alonso, I have a strong notion that Rafa will return Gerrard to his natural habitat.

  5. It's good that we have a strong team for our first game. If we win - which we will, that will be a strong signal to the rest that Liverpool's last season momentum is carried on to this season and that would spell - DANGEROUS to other clubs. I sincerely hope so.

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yeayyyyyyyyyyyy MU meneeeeeeeeee, LIVERFUNG?



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