26 August 2009

Glen Johnson's £139k per week salary. Wow... how?

Of course you'll be flying with that kind of salary!...

  1. Do you wonder if I am amazed at the salary Glen Johnson is taking home per week that is £139,000... I think surely every one of us should. That would make him among the top tiers players in Anfield that received such a hefty amount.

  2. The sum must make him the best paid full back in the world - even after Chelsea defender Ashley Cole agreed a new £120,000-a-week deal to stay at Stamford Bridge. Even Manchester City, who have spent an incredible £118 million on players this summer, will pay latest signing Joleon Lescott only a reported £94,000 a week.

  3. The one important question that belies the whole deal between Liverpool Football Club and Glen is that : does he merit that amount? He did scored one goal but I must say, he is yet to show his real value for the club. I don't want to be bothered with the news reports which mainly insinuated that LFC paid such a high salary simply to beat Chelsea for Glen's signature. That would be a lousy excuse to do such a business.

  4. We the fans, wouldn't be that pissed-off if the club pay such amount for a proven striker or effective midfielder. Post-Villa debacle, I surely don't need this kind of news. I hope Glen can prove his overprice salary in the Bolton game. It's not an option. It's a must.


aremierulez/Amirul said...

betul ke gaji glen johnson macam tu tinggi?
lagi tinggi dari torres?
biar betul?

tombiruo said...

Amazing, LFC rate johnson that high? he must be an amazing player... wakakaka

Johardy Ibrahim said...

yeah? LFC should have bid for tevez

Khan said...

jangan percaya news dari london..tiada pengesahan..just it 'surfaced'



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