20 August 2009

LFC 4 - Stoke 0 (& Well Done BURNLEY !!!)

First goal. 4th minutes. How I longed to see Torres score.

And the after-goal celebration is always RIOT!

wow... looks like Crouch is not the only one who can score using the bicycle-kick technique... Good show Glen!

This man, will be vital to our quest... Mr Kuyt. Mark my word. (Sorry no David Ngog picture... later)

  1. Should I be agitated? Or rejoiced? I didn't get to watch the game. It wasn't shown in my satellite TV, though Khan suggested we should go online. So I decided to hang around with my mates til 2am, then come home to read a few pages and sleep before 3am. Woke up a few minutes ago, and it was a brilliant score! To add to that fact, Manchester United lost to a lowly-newcomers Burnley.

  2. And Tombiruo made sure he came here very early in the morning to state that `the season is still early''. huh... yaaa Tombiruo. What ever. At least I was grace full when my team lost. I didn't say anything along that line. I admitted Spurs was the better side. So you don't agree Burnley was the better side last night? Or you agree with Jose Morinho's famous quote `the better team didn't win last night''?... hahaha

  3. Now lets get back to OUR own team (and let Tombiruo to asses his own wound). According to the score sheet, all the important players scored, Torres, Johnson and Kuyt including the no-so-highly-rated at the moment - David Ngog. You know what, I went in to the liverpoolfc.tv and picked the box 4-0 in the likeliest scoreline. And I am delighted to be right on the spot! Someone should have pay me! hahaha

  4. Okay for all those doomsayers, lets reconciled now. Albeit, the result can be contested in a higher court of jury... because the distractors would say Stoke City is not in the same class with LFC but this nuggets did came away with 1 points each in their home-away match against us last season. They were known then as a `bus company'. It seems Rafa found a way to beat the bus system.

  5. But again, the win last night, still doesn't diminished my pissing-off at Babel, Lucas and Voronin. Apparently, Lucas is still very much in Rafa's plan. He played the whole game. Voronin was on in the 81st minutes and Babel was not in the list. Rafa knows Babel was so lousy in the Spurs game.

  6. And now shall we get back to our next important business? You know... to mock and tease the hell-out of Manchester United fans for their ``beautiful match'' against Burnley? hey... Man.U got BURNED laaa...and Sir Alex was well-done! hahaha...


@r zh@r said...

the happy day... congrats to our team Liv... and Padan Muka to MU.. kena BURN by BURNLEY...hahahaha

skywalker said...

bicycle kick johnson .. superb!!!

YNWA said...

MU fans are still shell-shocked. The loss will keep them quiet for a while.

tombiruo said...




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The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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