06 August 2009


AS the title suggested, I will not comment on last night's game against FC Lyn. I was at a coffee shop last night and I didn't know there would be live telecast. Darned. However, I must noted that the white strips wore by the squad is beautiful. It has the same design with Chelsea's home jerseys. Or I might say, similar to the cyclist attire. And the design is body-tight which is not really good to me... eerrr... you know... it will show the shape of my round belly! hahahaha


hidayahnazri said...

it looks sooo much better without the carlsberg :-/

ganu said...

There are reports that Standard Chartered is the leading candidate to be the next Liverpool shirt sponsor, valued at 15m pound annually. I would certainly welcome a new sponsor considering that Carlsberg has overstayed their welcome, being our sponsor since 1992. which coincides with our barren run of premiership titles.

Johardy Ibrahim said...


I agree that Carlsberg has overstayed. And in fact, a hindrance for the new fans to get acquianted with LFC, especially those who are particular with their faiths.
However, I don't quite agree with your assestment that the shirt sponsor has some bearing on our not-winning-the-cup... It's just down to the squad we have and the way the club was run by the Moore's family, while other clubs were open to outside investors but we took quite sometime to emulate and when we did, we were stunned by the american idiots.
And if it's true that StandChart goign to be our new sponsor, what a relieve!

ganu said...

Yup, true..nothing to do with Carlsberg but Liverpool were simply poorly managed as a football club as well as a commercial entity. Of course the success on the pitch is important but the commercial side can't be overlooked. LFC is a global brand and the club should take advantage of this. Thank God, this is being rectified although I hate to say that still I want the two American owners to sell the club to a more appropriate custodian with a deeper pocket.

However, I suspect that Carlsberg isn't willing to give up and that they will get it they are willing to better or at least match the amount StandChart is offering.

On the other hand, a new sponsor like StandChart will lead to Liverpool shirts being more visible not only in Malaysian streets but also in other Muslim countries.



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