15 August 2009


The attendees during our last match of the season! The photo is a bit blur. It wasn't taken by me. So please pardon my mates. The Torres-look alike is on the 1st row wearing red shirt with white stripe (in front of no 13 fella - Mr Khai). No it's not Arsenal's jersey. It's a LSCM's shirt!

  1. Last night match was the last futsal game for the season... a week before Ramadan (Islamic calendar means the fasting month). This could be translated as a 2 months of break and the resumption of the match, would only be in the middle of October! Of course, it depends very much on the availability of the regulars by then!

  2. The futsal pitch is situated very close to my home in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. At first it was more like the assembly of fellow neighbours. But as time goes by, we saw the likes of new friends from the neighbouring housing area joining us. Then they brought in their friends and colleagues and relatives. We have buddies coming all the way from Klang, Kelana Jaya and Bukit Jelutong. Places which took at least 20-30 minutes drive to reach our place. But hey... in the name of recreation, who cares! As long as you can play and willing to play according to `house rules', you're in !!!

  3. The match is fixed on Saturday night. That's why my chosen off-day usually on Friday. So that I don't have to rush home from work and missed the 1st hour of the game! Sometimes it become addictive. Well, in my case... I found myself stopped riding my bike. Simply because the nearest off-road area close to my house, is now a housing development project. No more jungle, no more hills. It has been flattened. I'm a bit lazy to drive and carry my bike to a specific place. That's the reason the bike is immobilised now. That's why also futsal is the only sport activity left for me to join.

  4. The remarkable fact is that majority of the buddies are the same generation with me. The pace, the shooting, the defending, attacking and the tackles are in sync with my stamina. Though there are a few youngsters (below 30's) and most of the time, they are the ones who gives us some thrill in the sense of we have to be more vigilant and aggressive in our play.

  5. Regardless of that, I must stressed that most of the time, the match was played in a jolly and cordial mood. There's always massive teasing going around, with an annoying `live commentators' from outside the pitch. And there were aggressions and tensions. Luckily, everyone of us are matured and when we left the pitch, all those negativity were left inside the pitch. Then 5 or 6 of us would proceed to the nearest restaurant to wind down... usually with ice tea and fried noodles!!!

  6. Then we'll chat away for at least another 2 hours. Like tonight, I got home at about 2.30am. I'm still alive and awake because I didn't really play my hearts out tonight, though I had a silly confrontation with the opposite defender. He pissed me off because he held my hand when he found himself losing the ball, claiming he was hand-ball! I could have scored then... But then we make up. I mentioned the house rules, so that's what I meant. The house rules is that we can make up any rules just to deny the opposition advancement. Every time the ball hits some one's stomach, someone will shout `hand ball'. We don't really comply to the FIFA ruling. If we do, we won't last for 30 minutes because the pace would be intolerable!

  7. Just in case, do not bother to challenge me and my buddies for a futsal match. Because I had a bad experience participating in a tournament or a serious friendly. I hurt my leg and it took me 5 weeks to fully recuperate. You want to play with me, come to Seksyen 7, Shah Alam in October. Actually, I fancy myself to be Carragher! hahaha... I've always play in the defending position and I can be as effective as Carra when I focused my game as to not allow any opposition players to shoot the ball in the first place. wow... for a mid-30's fella, I surely have a strong conviction of my own ability! hahaha just kidding. Ok I got to sleep now.


shade jalil said...

tengok dekat mana esok malam bro..??
cobra club??

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Bro... aku keja lah esok. huk huk huk... so habis shift 11malam, aku pecut balik rumah aje lah. Nak singgah PJ boleh tapi... kang nak ke rumah tu yang tak larat... another 20km to go. Nanti kita cari game 10pm. Lepas berbuka, kita jumpa. Jangan kau pulak tak jadik...

shade jalil said...

apa2 roger

rizal hashim said...

Conviction, that's one of the main requirements in becoming a good journo. Anyway Liverpool's bad start demands your comments...quick! I may need your help soon...

Johardy Ibrahim said...

bila pulak selebriti blogger ni masuk bagi komen ni... isyh isyhh isshhh



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