21 May 2010


GET OUT if you don't believe in Scousers!

  1. The day when we left Elciego in Spain, heading to Paris, some of my mates said that I will always be a Liverpool fan even if the club melted like Leeds United or turned into a cricket club. That was the banters that I had to endure in the bus and in the plane before the Paris landscape changed the topic. It was the morning after that saw Liverpool lost to Atletico Madrid. I was gutted. But as what had been uttered by my mates, I will stay loyal.

  2. Yesterday, Carragher made a remark that echoed species like me. He said it bluntly that if any of the Liverpool stars i.e Torres or Benayoun or even the heartbeat of Merseyside, Mr Gerrard himself wishes to leave, so be it. According to him, Liverpool will survive with or without them. The most important thing here is the club - Liverpool FC. Not the personnel.

  3. In my clouds of anxiety I try to read between the lines. I try to rationalised. Yes, for those who wants to leave (Mr Reira, you especially), just go. I agree with Carra in that aspect. However, to lose a great striker in Fernando Torres and a bastion in Steven G. is something that would spell catastrophic to the club. I think. I believed so.

  4. But again, if Carra's remark is meant to signal to everyone that the club doesn't bothered that much if they lose their superstar because in the end, it is up to the club itself to lift their fortune. Believed in the club, thou shall be rewarded with satisfaction.

  5. Even then, there is a case on hand now - Valencia. They had to sell off David Villa to Barca. Another David could be next. But that David Silva has a remote chances of landing in Anfield. Not with the current status as a club that will fight only in the 2nd class Europa Cup next season.

  6. So the potential for Torres to remain in Anfield this summer is 50-50. Barca has made their intention loud & clear with some huge offerings. What if they get Torres and send us Iniesta and Xabi. That will do. hahaha...

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