04 May 2010

If Fernando Torres decided to leave Liverpool

This stadium was not Anfield but Singapore. Will give it another shot to reach Anfield next season!

  1. Fernando Torres is obviously one precious asset that we must hold on to, in this trying time. He has expressed his wishes that the squad need at least 5 more quality players to play along side of him. That statement was not construed as arrogant but a reality check. The current LFC squad is not sustainable to win anything, not even the No.4 slot...!!!

  2. Rafa gave his reason as lack of money to find those who really excel. Many would argue and many would also presented the lists of players that he have brought in over the years. The most sickening business was with the Robbie Keane thing. For a £20m deal, the striker was sold back to Tottenham after just seven goals for a 50% discount!

  3. My personal grudges towards Rafa is his decision to let go Peter Crouch. We were supposed to have two options in attacking the opponent. One in Torres who could slipped through defenders like Speedy Gonzalez and an aerial bombardment with Crouch as the target (which Hotspur is enjoying with Crouch & Defoe combination at the moment).

  4. So while we wait for the new owner (if there is any), I guess it is better for Rafa to go. He can't have that legacy such as Ferguson or Wenger. He obviously has tripped himself with the lousiest performance ever in the Premier League, this season. Rafa kept on complaining the lack of money but I think it is a good time to learn from the others who could be in a more dire financial situation than Rafa, and buy cheaper players but managed to develop them into a classy star. I meant David Moyes. What he did with Tim Cahill is crazy. From nowhere, the nobody Aussie is now a big name in the English League. He could be in the England squad but since Australia is also in the World Cup Finals next month, I think we would see Cahill became the main protagonist in South Africa.

  5. One supposed 'solution' is for Liverpool to trade in Torres and use the money. If they take that route, they might as well run the white flag up outside the ground. Torres offers Liverpool their best chance of salvation. Replacing one genuine world-class talent with four or five mediocre performers is not going to do anything to restore Liverpool's prestige, it will just drag them down further.

  6. They probably have one season to prove to the likes of Torres that they remain contenders. But a continuation of the bickering between Benitez and the board will prove otherwise, spark an exodus and leave Liverpool stranded in the margins for years.

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mazhad said...

winning title is never easy. i dare not think of torres living liverpool. though i also believe no one man is bigger then the club. whether it's the yanks, rafa or torres, liverpool fc is bigger. we will not be another Leeds utd. we have minimize out losses and debt up to 100 millions plus. compared 2 manure, liverpool is in much better condition. now, we only have to build a 65-75 thousand sitters stadium(that will cause 200-300 millions). that is why we are in need of new owner. not to get rid of our debt like manure need. just to provide us with the proper stadium to challenge financially. n 5 quality players is to much, we are not man city or chelsea. we just need 2-3 great signing plus 2 good supporting cast(kuyt like n agger like). Y.N.W.A



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