13 September 2009

LFC 4 - Burnley 0

MAN OF THE MATCH : Yossi Benayoun

  1. Corny it may sound but this is one match I don't quite agree. We won the game too soon in the game! hahaha... After the 3rd goal and still more than 25 minutes left, suddenly there's nothing to rush for. Liverpool players suddenly switch off their engine or reducing their gear. That's why in the end we bite our lips thinking that Liverpool could easily score 6-7 goals if not for the silly misses in front of the goal and the off-sides and Gerrard's goal bar hits.

  2. I text a few goons and Manaf mentioned about the `formation'. I was a bit lazy to analyse the game in such a way (just got back straight from work, too exhausted to do so) but I'll say, Yossi Benayoun was really on fire. He deserved his hat-trick though as I have stressed above, he could have scored 4-5 goals more! He's my Man of the Match.

  3. The tactic was right on the spot as the Burnley defenders were busy guarding Fernando Torres the whole time he was on the pitch. In doing so, they couldn't contained Yossi's maneuvering and Burnley paid a handsome price for failing to stop him. And for this, i think Rafa must be given a due credit, simply because I don't think Burnley prepared anything tactically to face that small Jew of ours. Yossi was magnificent in the sense that he was doing what he is really best at and what he was bought for in the first place by Rafa. That is to run the attack on a second tier and destroy any game plan by the opposition.

  4. By saying so, I can't really sure if Yossi will be chosen again to start in the next game. Rafa is such a tactician that not only the players are left puzzled by his way of thinking but also make us the fans kept on wondering who's who will be playing until we saw the team sheet. And that is like... a few minutes before the match started! hihihi...


Yadayada said...

in rafa we trust ;)

Johardy Ibrahim said...

alaaaa Yadayada... when we win, you trust him la.
If not...? hahaha

ymn said...

should be voronin put to number 5. unfortunately he ....%^&*^%$

Khan said...

yahudi yang dikasihi ramai :-D



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