12 September 2009

Liverpool vs Burnley. Fancy the Reds to get burned also?

  1. Laugh if you want but do so at your own expense, if you think Burnley is a small club. Manchester United did laugh but ended up shouting foul at every one, plus the missed penalty.

  2. It's Liverpool turn to be asked the same question. Can Burnley lit another fire into another Reds outfit? Prior to their promotion to the Premiership, Burnley made headlines the whole time last season in the League Cup. This small club beat top-flight teams Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal to reach the semi-finals, where they were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur.

  3. In a light discussion with my pals, none can give a proper chronology or description of what Burnley is. I could be a bit extra in the sense that I memorised the Burnley player who scored against Man.U who was Robbie Blake. Nobody could answer where is Burnley located at or named the manager. I remember that their jersey is similar like West Ham. Well, if you want all the question to be satisfied, please google it yourself. Our celebrity blogger Rizal Hashim would crucify me again if I pasted the wikipedia stuff on my blog. He thinks he is a purist and a football expert. Well I said he is a kaki bangku (ones who doesn't know how to play football but bitch a lot!) hahaha...

  4. And if there is suggestion that Liverpool might find themselves in a hot soup, due to their inconsistency in the first few games (plus the big 2 loses already registered so far!). Well, I simply hope Carra, Skrtel, Agger and Aurelio plus The Greek (who ever among the five that will be chosen to start) would be better this time around and register a clean sheet. It would be the first if they do.

  5. Majority of the Liverpool players involved in the international games this week. Majority of them came home with glory on their hands and even scored a few. Most notably would be our own Captain Stevie G. He scored two goals with his head. Fernando Torres even though didn't scored, obviously will always be a threat to any team. Burnley surely definitely absolutely know this fact very well.


Ayu KL said...

Liv new shirt sponsor will be announced 18 sept or thereabouts..At 20m annually, it will equal that of AON for MU as the most lucrative in football history. The only thing positive about Gillette and Hicks is that they are good at marketing Liverpool though I feel that the money will go to their pockets or to pay off debts.

Johardy Ibrahim said...

So I heard. Lets jope its from other industry than the same old beverage.

And Ayu KL... not many guys are using Ayu as their nick. I assumed you're a gal. hihihi And Welcome!



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