02 September 2009

Liverpool as it is... No surprise big star coming in!

This photo was taken without permission from the Guardian UK

  1. Let me list down the Liverpool new players for season 2009/2010 : Glen, Aquilani, Kyrgiakos.... err... did I missed anybody? Well, that's all. But mind you - Glen & Aquilani cost £40m and only the Greek is £2m.

  2. I don't know if I should be worried about the quality that we have. But I surely know the lousy ones that should have shown the door yesterday but it didn't materialised. Looks like Lucas is having a flip flop of performances. He was shitty during the Spurs game, was the man of the match in the Stoke match (only 1 % of Malaysian watched the game!) and then all downhill in the Villa and Bolton games. Rafa thinks Lucas must be given more chances. You're nuts because we don't have time to give him. It has to be this season that we win the Premier League. The lousy ones must go. Rafa, try next January... though I would say it would be too late if he decided then to do so.

  3. So all the rumours and speculations about the non-existent of fund for Rafa is very true and real. Though it's not necessarily true in the sense that Rafa have managed to spend some money to acquire Glen and Aquilani at that crazy price. But the fans are hoping that Rafa could have used the money to buy more illustrious players i.e David Silva or David Villa. The worrying part is that Rafa has the history of abandoning the club when he failed to get the required funds for new players. I can never forget the quote `I ask for a sofa, they give me a lamp'... hehehe

  4. Fortunately for the fans, Glen has shown a remarkable showmanship by scoring goals and proves the investment put on him is a good one. But lets wait til the end of the season to give our verdict on Glen. As for Aquilani, we have to wait for a while.


aremierulez/Amirul said...

we can say that rafa buy aquilani and glen in crazy price.
but don't blame him. Real madrid and man city is the one who made all transfer price go beyond our logic mind.

ronaldo for 81.5 million? yes he is the best player in the planet (last year) but is he wort that price? zidane are great player too, but it not cost real that much.

and let see, turner go to from hull to sunderland in a price tag of 12 million? turner is not that good but his price is so expensive.

how about lescott? 24 million to man city. are lescott is that good to be rated as 24 million player?

blame it all to the greedy real madrid and man city.

and blame it also to our blood sucking owner, gillet and hicks


z i z o u said...


english playrs awiz overvalued



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