15 September 2009

Persatuan Bolasepak Sarawak: Bubarkan saja!

  1. Firstly I must apologised if you think my topic today is not related to Liverpool. Yes, it's a bit distance since Rafa didn't send any scout to look out for any of the squad player based in Kuching.

  2. I had the strong urges in me since yesterday's afternoon when I first heard of the news. FAS made a request to quit the Malaysian League until they can rebuilt the club and clean all the debts that are totalling RM3 million now. At time of writing now, FAM yet to give any statement. Either way, FAS is already kaput.

  3. My dear fellow bloggers, if you must know... I frequented the Sarawak Stadium during my formative years watching the emergence of Ngap Sayot squad under the flamboyant coach, Mr Awang Mahyan, who made it possible for the building of a really stellar Sarawak team ever set-up in its history, The Bujang Senang squad - by one Mr Alan Vest.

  4. I remember with warmth the face of John Hunter - the burly striker Made in Australia with no front tooth. He was my first exposure to the tactical school of having a big guy (i.e Emile Heskey) as your central forward, regardless of how slow he could be. But when he got the ball, Mr Hunter rarely missed and with long balls, the small, petite Malaysian defenders were having a torrid time in controlling him. aaaahhh... those were the years!

  5. At the same time, Mr Vest managed to cultivate the local talents. The likes of Jalil Rambli who later become the team coach himself. But those were the glory days.

  6. I migrated to KL in 1993 but I still follow the team as much as I could according to my time. If the games were in Klang Valley, that's definitely a go. We went to Melaka, Johor, Seremban too. Things were accommodating because I was allowed to cover the game, so I don't need to buy the entrance ticket! And a few in the squads were really my mates, in particular Ramos Sari. I knew him way long before he joined the state squad. After the defeat in the Malaysian Cup final against Brunei at Stadium Merdeka.... I guess that was the last time I hosted my buddies from Kuching because even when they came, they prefer me to take them to the malls rather than the matches!

  7. I really don't have the facts and surely I don't want to speculate of what had happened to the FAS. I don't know if the passing of the late FAS's President was the turning point for the club. What I know based on the news - the club lost a lot of money, and the players were not paid for many many months. The most devastating news I gather last year was about the arrest of Ramos Sari on suspicion of being the middle-man to a match-fixing syndicate. My easy mathematics is that if you don't get paid by your employer, this thing would happened. I know Ramos has a family to feed but he's sole job is playing football. I don't know if Ramos will ever get his justice or not.

  8. And now the club wants to get out of the competition. To me, it should have been done a few years ago. FAS received no support from the state government. Is it because Sarawak doesn't have a sport minister? Or they simply lost faith towards FAS? What about the corporate sector? I sincerely believes the only time you can ensure the participation of the local corporate entities is with the state government push. Other than that, forget about it!

  9. I support the FAS plan to quit, albeit for a few seasons. Let the FAS reorganise, restructure and regain the support from the state government and the state corporate entity. It has been quite sometime Sarawak doesn't have any players in the national squad.

  10. Other than what I wrote above, I shall now return my attention to my Liverpool Football Club. Thank you & NGAP SAYOT!


Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya Sarawak boleh main tanpa masalah kewangan sebab ada seorang CEO GLC dari Sarawak bersedia membantu cari sponsor.
Masalah utama CEO itu menarik diri sebab idea penubuhan Sarawak FC,yang dipersetujui oleh kerajaan negeri, tidak dipersetujui oleh FAS atas alasan Sarawak perlu bermula dari Liga kelas bawahan dan bukan bermula dari Liga Perdana sekarang. Macam tak logik alasan kan?
Tahun lepas Sarawak tiada masalah kewangan sebab tindakan pro-aktif CEO itu jadi penaja utama dan bayaran gaji on time setiap bulan tidak seperti sekarang. Masalah rasuah pun tidak berlaku dalam musim tersebut sebab pemain yang terlibat adalah dari pemain dari musim sebelum.
Sarawak FC sudah ada penaja ketika itu dari syarikat kejuteraan yang mempunyai pejabat di Timur Tengah tetapi FAS masih berdegil tak nak teruskan Sarawak FC.
Hasil daripada inisiatf dan rangkaian rakan CEO tersebut yang pernah belajar di England, ada pemain senior Sarawak di hantar untuk pendedahan bermain dengan Hartlepool FC,sebuah kelab dari England.
I tell u, if that guy still manage FAS,financial problem will be no longer haunting the association.
He no longer with FAS now. I don't know him personally or profesionally but based on the feedback I received from FAS inside sources if he still with FAS and given the given the nod with Sarawak FC formation, Sarawak will be the second richest football association/club after Selangor. Well that no longer a reality..
Bob From Kuching

Johardy Ibrahim said...

wow... that is one fact that we in Malaya don't know about it. Bro, you write a proper article and I put it out in Utusan. Can?

Anonymous said...

u can start reading zuraimisabki.blogspot.com,the CEO that i referring to.
Bob From Kuching

Khan said...

Yeah, it brings back good memories for me too. I once bought a ticket for a game in Stadium Merdeka between KL and Sarawak and unfortunately Sarawak FC did not show up. I think I still have the paper cutting with the photo of my friends and I 'demanding for a refund'..lol.

Yeah..those were the good old days...

tombiruo said...

Saya setuju, sekali dengan SAFA.



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