27 September 2009

LFC 6 - Hull 1 (The world saw Torres zigzagging & making fun of the Hull City's fullbacks)

``The image of Benitez as a defensive coach has been consigned to the past. With 22 goals scored already, it is their most prolific start to a season since 1895-96 and an attacking intent was apparent again in the use of Gerrard as one of the two central midfielders.'' - Richard Jolly in his post-mtach review on the Liverpool 6-1 Hull City (Soccernet )

Usually, when we win a game, what more with such a huge margin... I'll go to the nearby restaurant to celebrate with my mates - mostly not as crazy-on-Liverpool like me. But last night, I opted to go to sleep. May be it has to do with my work. I'm on a 7 days straight working, because it's my superior's turn for a holiday. Only on Tuesday I'll get my off-day. That's why I need a proper rest. Got another 2 days. An the Arabian life that I lived for a month during Ramadan, must never be repeated. I don't think it is healthy for me to sleep only on daylight. hahaha...

Well I'm sure all of you have watch the game. I shall not prolonged it. Of course, we have been waiting for the moment for Fernando Torres to do what he did best last night for quite a while already, and he is almost at his best, at his peak and the timing is just right because the next 2 matches are tougher than Hull City and Burnley.

Everybody would agree that the hat-trick by Torres were no mere hat-trick. We know that another former Liverpool, Robbie Keane got a hat-trick too but if you watch the post-match game, none could be compared to Torres's artistry goals. While Keane got 1 in the penalty kick, Torres's goals were exceptional. The trick (or was it humiliation) he did on the Hull City fullback (Ibrahima Sonko) was a typical and authentic Torres.

His composure, direction and boldness made Hull City wishes they play Everton again. At least with Everton, the scoreline was only 4-O. But they won't get bullied by Torres. His second goal was the best of all. At first we thought he wanted to blast at the goal, but he dummies Sonko, then the goalie... then we saw two more defenders running behind the goalie but with a slightest touch outside his right foot, he scored. No need for sheer power of a kick. Just flick. And that endear us all to him.

And what about Gerrard's goal? I do believed he meant it for a cross and he didn't realised also that it would go straight to the goalpost. Well, Gerrard was like preserving his energy for the Fiorentina...

While Fiorentina is the closest next game, we cheered on the news of Chelsea's demised at the hands of Wigan. Not only that, Petr Cech was red carded. Meaning, he won't be playing in the 4th October encounter against Liverpool. hmmm.... extra boost for us.

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@r zh@r said...

well done Torres, Gerrard and Babel... Next will be Chelsea... hoho



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