26 September 2009

LIVERPOOL v Hull: Rafa Benitez faces the Tigers without Andrea Dossena and Alberto Aquilani

The Malaysian national squad new jersey.... errr... no... Hull City (so you wonder where the tiger in United Kingdom was ever found?)

  1. Do you notice the title above? I cut & paste it from The Daily Sports. I think they simply want to humour us. Why? Because Dossena was never a favourite to us - so if he is included or not in the squad - doesn't give us any excitement... and Aquilani - everybody know that he will only play next month. So why made it as your headline? Sometimes when the bias UK media refused to give a proper credit to Liverpool, they will resort to this kind of tactics. Miserable yet funny, though tasteless.

  2. The game will start at 12 midnite tonight. Just sufficient for me to reach home from work, take a shower before watching it. (I am working since Tuesday straight to Monday... then I'll do my Raya holiday phase 2).

  3. Hull City. It was a false tiger last season. They roared really high and were at the top for the first half of the season but then, every one's stamina seems to be diminished and finally, Hull found themselves fighting for the last spot last May.

  4. In the Carling Cup a few days ago, Everton scored 4 goals passed them. That's the weaker Merseyside team. The Reds, obviously the stronger side surely can match that number easily. hahaha...

  5. Beemer wrote that I stated the time wrongly. hahaha... At least someone notice it! The raya mood is too long. Still awaiting for the regulars to revisit this blog.


beemer said...

bro ...
game start at 10 pm tonight ..

Johardy Ibrahim said...

ya kaa... gua salah kira la... hahaha



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