21 October 2008

According to Mourinho, Drogba is a diver (and Luis Garcia's goal is legit)

Oswald shot Drogba? yeahhh.... what ever...

by Adam Marshall, 20 October 2008

Inter coach Jose Mourinho has named and shamed the players he feels are the biggest divers in The Premier League.
The outspoken Portuguese boss feels he can reflect with honesty on his years in England now he has moved to Italy to take charge of the Serie A champions.
Liverpool's Fernando Torres and Arsenal attacker Robin van Persie are among those singled out for criticism by Mourinho in an interview with Ford's FeelFootball.com.
"I am no longer Chelsea manager and I don't have to defend them so I think it's correct if I say [Didier] Drogba is a diver," stated Mourinho.
"[Cristiano] Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Robin van Persie are the divers who won more penalties during the last four or five years.
"English football criticises divers. In England, coaches teach the kids how to play a game of football but in Italy, Spain and Portugal, coaches teach the kids how to win a game.
"When players go England they need to adapt. Drogba today is better than he was before. Ronaldo is better than he was. And Torres will be better too."
Yet Mourinho feels players are right to go to ground in certain circumstances, believing it is "naive" if they try to stay on their feet when they are fouled.
"I hate diving, but I'm not happy if a player is kicked by somebody in the box and he tries to remain standing," he added on FeelFootball.com.
"It’s very, very rare a referee gives a decision if the player doesn’t go down so I tell players not to be naive, but to be fair."
utusanLFC :
I find this article rather interesting. Not because the subject (divers) is such a new thing but an admission by this loud-mouth (and could be aiming to be replacing Rafa in the near future... oh my God!)... The story is from Setanta.tv (I have to include this as per reminded by one visitor to my blog...)

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