15 April 2009

Chelsea 4 - LFC 4

The first cut is always the deepest. It reminded me of Ronaldinho goal that fooled David Seaman in the World Cup.

  1. When it was confirmed that Gerrard will not be fielded, I sense that Rafa has calculated the losses. He gambled and didn't really lost that much. And then, while the fight was still hot, out-of-sudden, Mascherano was pulled-off. Darned. Rafa is reserving his big guns for the Premier League, obviously. In this situation, what else we as a fan, can do about it? Moaning is such a waste of time. Just try to understand what is Rafa trying to do on the pitch. It won't be that hard now.

  2. It was a good fight and I am, like all of you, proud of LFC effort. Aside from some slack defending and letting Lampard scored, plus the first mistake Reina ever made in the whole tournament... well, we lost with dignity in-tact. We didn't lose at Stamford Bridge. It was a draw. Well... we lost at Anfield. hehehe... Humour is a good medication especially for people like me who is still experiencing a hung-over and can't sleep til now... 6.36 am!

  3. As a consolation, we can shoot back at the Chelsea fan that they can go look for the Big Ear, while we go for the Premier League Champion Holy Grail. And so it seems because if we keep the momentum of high-scoring, there's no way Chelsea can overtake us and that will be a good revenge, isn't it?

  4. The plus side (I'm desperately looking for something to comfort myself... hahaha...) is that I don't have to stay awake in the middle of the night til dawn, anymore. Except that the next Premier game is against Arsenal on April 22, which would be played at 3am Malaysian time. So much for the energy conservation in the middle of the night, huh?

  5. Another thing, the TV commentator is really a sick S.O.B, isn't he? I believed he said it three times not least, that it's all over for Liverpool. But every time Liverpool managed to score, he was adamant on his own that Chelsea is still winning. Freaking bias commentator. I didn't get his name but I'm sure our brothers in UK must have known him. That really bias S.O.b.


tokeysiber said...

we'll try again next season...
& focus on Primiershp

tokeysiber said...

we fight it until the end,
but silly mistake by Reina cousing our hope vanished

beemer said...

EPL ... here we come ..
watch out scums!!!



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