28 April 2009


No Alonso wasn't heading the ball. In fact, he was celebrating his thunderous kick into Hull City's net.

  1. A few stories came out about the necessity for Rafa to sell the players first before he can acquire new ones. My only question : why is he still linked to Gareth Barry?

  2. So he has to sell first. So a few names have been mentioned, in particular Daniel Agger and that Italian Dossena. Let me say it first, Dossena must go. But Agger? hmmm... For his age, Agger is definitely the ones we should keep for the future. Carragher wouldn't be that sharp after next season, so we must have a cover. We do have Skrtel at the moment but what happens if he gets injured? I doubt if our left & right flank in Arbeloa and Aurelio can do what Carra, Skrtel and Hyppia have been doing splendidly all this while. The two just don't have that enough heights, body built and toughness to be our last-man.

  3. The interesting point about Agger is his ability to score. I believe the only think that stop him from scoring more is that he is forbidden from doing so by Rafa. Remember the calamity against Wigan very early in the season. The ball was stolen from him by Zaki and as a direct counter-attack, Agger went for a solo-penetration into Wigan's penalty box and Kuyt scored the equaliser. We won the game scrappy but 3-2 is what fans like us have been craving. Massive anxiety, massive suspense!

  4. So I think it is important for Rafa to really really persuade Agger to stay.

  5. The thing about LFC being high-flying in March and a little bit out-of-composure in April, proved to be our liability now. The huge gap in goal tally between us and Man.U is now a mere 2 goals. Why? Remember that crazy Arsenal match? That stupid Geovanni goal? Those leaks must be stopped at all cost. We're meeting Newcastle next i.e Michael Owen. Based on their performance at the moment, there is no reason that Liverpool couldn't inflict more misery onto them. And most importantly, we must not let in the consolation goals. We must keep the goal advantage. It could be nasty by the end of May and having those advantage in goal-difference could help us somehow by then!


Khan said...

Agger wants first team football so probably he would go. Rafa is already eyeing a replacement from the La Liga if the rumours are to be believed. Dossena should go, Voronin too. Of course with Lucas leading these players' exit hehe. Enough money then on top of the 25 million to buy three players.

Goal difference: we need to win all the remaining matches hence more plus goals for us each time. And also we need manure to lose at least two games, minus goals for them, at least two from two games. As long as they do not score a lot of goals when they win the other games in which they win, then it is okay. But knowing them and the league generally, this would be very remote. Still, it is still possible mathematically. Or are we really kidding ourselves? haha!

Amberan said...

sell Xabi? very2 wierd decision.
but if Iniesta in i wont bother..

Anonymous said...

Sell benitez please!..dont get me wrong, i'm a massive fan of Liverpool fc, have been so since mid 7os



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