14 April 2009


  1. Today is what I called the day of the `butterfly in my stomach'. The suspence, the anxiety, the eargerness, the obnoxious (huh?)... are all consolidating as one entity within me, thus making me one non-focus employee of the day!

  2. Because tonight at 2.45am is the game of our season in Champion League. It's funny because year after year, it was the opposite. We're awesome in CL yet lousy in Premier League. Now, we're in a bit ackward position because we're trailing Chelsea 1-3 and must score 3-0 to even the game... and the best part of it, the match is at Stamford Bridge. But in Premier League, we have been scoring freely for the last 4 weeks with a total of 14 goals.

  3. Aside being a proud loyal fan, I have to remind all of you about the importance of taking care of our own health. In this context, I refer to heart condition. hahaha... Try not to get OVER excited tonight, be it win or lose, don't get yourself hurt too much that would affect your heartbeat to clueless. Keep it balance. Alright gang!

  4. If we see it from the wisdom on the paper quality, Chelsea has never loss 3-0 at home. I'm not sure if the absence of John Terry would changed that. But it should be. Look at Man.U. Without Rio or Vidic, the supposedly-most-tough-defenced-in the league has been pouring in almost 7-8 goals within the same period LFC been going through without letting in any in the Premier League.

  5. Some pundits say that Gerrard must overrun Essien, who were said had successfully stiffled our captain at Anfield. I say, that's the job of our Captain Argentina, Mr Javier Mascherano. The Little Monster will go face-off with the fabulous Ghanaian. Thus, allowing Gerrard to roam freely with Torres. hmmm.... What if Chelsea choose to park their bus in front of the Petr Cezh? naaa... I don't think so. Hiddink doesn't identify himself with that kind of tactics. hahaha


Amberan said...

impossible is nothing,
remember we done it at Istanbul
keep the faith


Khan said...

3-0 we win the tie bro ;-)

Firol said...


Torres 2 kuyt 1....

Firol said...

ehh tetiba ada satu lagi....Gerrard buat gol ke 4

Mustahil,tapi bleh....YNWA

utusanLFC said...

Firol.... remember. Don't get OVER excited. Nanti sakit jantung! hehehe

ir torres said...

smua fan kite predict 3-0..
fan chelski predict just a draw..

huhu.. confident high on us..
but dont tooo much..
jd cam aritu kang..

utusanLFC said...

1 jam lagi.... tak leh tido.
nanti telajak sampai subuh
.... hehehe

suspen suspen giler



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