24 April 2010

Atletico Madrid is not invincible. Liverpool can go to the final of Europa Cup

Not me! Not me! It was him!... Not Gerrard nor Lucas or even Kuyt ready to accept any card and pointed the finger to some one... though I'm pretty sure it wasn't Johnson that they referring to. hahaha

  1. wow... this could be the longest time I didn't post anything in this blog. My sincere apology. I must admit that the current situation of LFC is one of the many reasons why I don't have any motivation to write. Also because that I am a bit hooked up with Facebook and my new hand phones. hahaha...

  2. Let's talk a bit on the last Europa match against Atletico Madrid last Friday. The goal by Forlan was a fluke but effective. But I must say, the best player on the field that day was no other than David Ngog. Again, he show his true value to the club. Not valuable. But worthless. He failed to hold the ball AT ALL...!!! He can't stop the ball, not even passing a normally simple knock-on-the-front tips of his boot. Really pissed off.

  3. Regardless of the 0-1 deficit, if this is the way Atletico is playing (with all the superstars like Forlan, Simoa, Reyes and next Aguero), I think Liverpool can contain them in Anfield. We don't have a ready solution because Torres won't be playing, unlike Aguero who was benched because of one-match suspension. So who do we have? Ngog again? hmmm...

  4. Many would agree if the number one slot should be given to Babel. And the three powerful forwards of Gerrard in the middle, Benayoun on the left and Kuyt on the right, would do the pounding.

  5. I agree but not really agree on the tactic. Imulating Serbegeth Singh... if I'm the manager (wow!), I'll put Kuyt as the number 1 striker, get Benayoun on the right, and Babel on the left. Gerrard middle. Two Latinos, Mascherano will be the holding midfielder and our beloved Blondy, Lucas Leiva as his assistant.

  6. And also, to ensure a fair match, UEFA should enforce the ruling that Atletico Madrid to travel by bus, train and ferry to Liverpool. At least, while Liverpool had to endure the agony of traveling thanks to the Icelandic volcano, the Madrid team failed to capitalise the situation and should have been scoring more. Our key to that success of containing the margin is none other than the superb Jose Reina.


gary said...

couldn't agree more!

yerp, they should travel to anfield by land also. fair and square.

Anonymous said...

pok lamak juak u merajuk tek,sikda hal kalah atau menang liverpool masih terbaik punya..
jom makan mee kolok
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

dont like this la. I thot u oredi retire from supporting liverpool. Dont stop blogging!



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