16 November 2008



Liverpool : 4 defeats - 23 points after 13 games and on top of the charts Chelsea and Arsenal sharing 32 points - which is in truth 9 points different or translated as 3 games to wish for both to falter. So you wish...

And every body - the media, pundits, former players, former managers, even those who has never bothered about football all along... would condemned Liverpool as a no Hopper for the title champs. They would say Liverpool is again living their dreams, season after season and worst of all, the record would be broken by Man.U any moment now. There's no way for a team who have lost in such a margin at this early stages could muster a miracle by upstaging Chelsea, Arsenal or Man.U now.

Everybody is not saying as such when it concerns Arsenal. Everybody is wishing and praying that Chelsea and Liverpool could tripped on at least 3 games in the coming months. After all, 13 out of 38 is STILL FAR AWAY to determine the champion. So they say.

My point of taking this matter up is : the bias Liverpool have to face massively against all odds. The media in particular, are known to be incline towards the London based clubs and a great admirer of Man.U but little thoughts on Liverpool. I'm not sure why. I never know why. But I can speculate. My speculation is that the London based media is jealous of Liverpool - the supposedly-backwater-city and shouldn't be a world champion... hahaha...

My speculation is supported by the facts that all of you can see today and tomorrow. Today for instances, touch mildly on Arsenal's failure. Wordings like ``Arsenal's title hopes took another huge hit...'' is so mellow in journalism jargon Vis-a-vis when they talked about Liverpool. I sincerely believed that if it's Liverpool and not Arsenal, the media would use the wordings like : ``Liverpool's title hope KAPUT...'' or ``AGONY by Agbonlahor crush Liverpool 19th title'' or what ever.

For most of the media, they are hoping Arsenal would still be the top 4, challenging at least for the 2nd spot or even the 4th.

Frankly, what is Arsenal facing now is really in dire straits. There's no way to make an improvement on their standing by hoping other oppositions to lose points. That would be like waiting for the Santa Claus to visit you not on Christmas eve but on April 1...

Well, I agree that there's still a long way to go. Still 25 games to go. And usually, December is the crunch time for all the teams in the Premier League (English is the only team who keep on playing during the week of 24th December to 1 January) and remember, Liverpool is facing Arsenal on 21st December. Hopefully, Liverpool then still in their top form and Arsenal remains in their inconsistency. hahaha...

As of now, Arsenal is breaking down. The win against Man. U last week, means nothing. It was just a one off. Similar like Liverpool may be... when they beat Chelsea before shockingly shut by Hotspurs the following week. But the different between Arsenal and Liverpool is not on consistency issues but media treatment which are so bias against the Liverpool team. One which I abhorred so much.

The reality is that Arsenal now is a goner. If they keep on playing with those teenage boys, Arsenal would find themselves fighting not for the no.4 spot but more like no.5 or no.6 that is UEFA.

If that's the fate of Arsenal in this current campaign and as a fanatical supporter of Liverpool Football Club, I say : SO BE IT.



kajang-today said...

well said! In a nutshell, the media bias is similar in Malaysia where MSM are biased towards BN! Howzat bro?
Told you people it's a 2 horse race between Chelsea and Liverpool.
Arsenal are finished while Man U will be distracted by World Club thing, they are 8 points adrift now. It could be 14 when they return from Japan.

Anonymous said...

what the hull is MSM are biased towards BN means?

Khan said...

haha gerrard is 'injured' after the last game, so no game for him in england's jersey



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