21 November 2008

LFC vs Fulham 22 November 2008 11pm

ooopssss... this is not Fulham's stadium. Though it is owned by Al Fayed.
Below is the real Craven Cottage...

Fulham is one team that doesn't make silly noise in the media (Silly = irritating). I think this is the only few teams in the Premier League that is really a fighter. They don't have any primadonnas. I don't think Danny Murphy belongs in that category more than his wife (hihihi...) and that certain Iranian player, Teymurian has been a good addition to the team. Together with that bulldog (Jimmy Bullard), Fulham got to be on the 10th spot at the moment. Way way much better positioned than Hotspurs. Of course, over the months the situation could be changing if Hotspur really grow under Mr Redknapp. Fulham, however under Mr Hodgson is quite a force. Roy Hodgson is the third different man to take charge of Fulham in a league game at Anfield in the last three seasons, following Chris Coleman and Lawrie Sanchez.

Well... Fulham is also infamous for its owner, Mr Al Fayed who also owns the posh shopping boutique, The Harrods. He handles the club just like his business. There's no lavish monies to buy big names and that is not an obscene act which is the practice of the current crops of foreign owners (including our own Liverpool but... what the heck! hahaha)

The one aspect it is famous also is that people tend to believe this club has no real strong followers. It is a club cramped in the London area, so with many of the residents plying their colours toward the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal... so said Fulham is in fact, a small club. It has no real international fan-based. No nothing. In fact 2 seasons ago, some pundits were talking that it should have been Fulham who should be demoted and not the likes of West Ham, Sheffield United who boasts a massive supports all over the UK isles. The rational was simply that Fulham is a small club. hahaha...

Good friends forever... Murphy didn't mind to foul former teammates, Gerrard!

Liverpool has a strong record against Fulham. Last season Liverpool completed their fourth league 'double' over Fulham and their second in the Premier League. Tomorrow night, nothing would alter that record. Liverpool is too much a superpower for Fulham under the captaincy of our own former midfielder, Mr Murphy... won't disrupt not a bit our defence. Though Mr Murphy will definitely get a warmth welcome in Anfield tomorrow. I still remember fondly of his beautifully taken double shots against Man. U during those yellow-jersey era of Gerard Houllier.

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