13 November 2008

Hotspur 4 - LFC 2 (CARLING CUP) ... nobody cares cup!

Damien Plessis scored...

TOTTENHAM (4-4-2): Gomes 4 (Cesar 74min); Hutton 6, Dawson 6, Corluka 6, Bale 6; Lennon 7, Zokora 6, Huddlestone 7, O'Hara 7; Pavlyuchenko 8 (Boateng 90), Campbell 8 (Bent 90). Booked: Pavlyuchenko, Campbell

Above is the Tottenham FIRST ELEVEN which equals to : FULL FORCE.

LIVERPOOL (4-4-2): Cavalieri 4; Degen 4 Darby 84), Hyypia 5, Agger 5, Dossena 4; El Zhar 5, Lucas 6, Plessis 6 (Alonso 6, 66), Babel 7; Ngog 5, Torres 5 (Insua 5 56). Booked: Plessis, Torres, Babel, Lucas.

And when did you hear or read names like Degen, Darby, Cavalieri...? These are the second string and unfortunately, I sincerely think not only Hotspur but Burnley surely burned this team to ashes.

Then our golden bastion, Hyppia scored the second. But to no avail against 4 goals deficit.

oohhh... well... what to do. It's a Carling Cup. Something easy to forget. I must say, the defeat wasn't that bad - compared to the last defeat by Hotspur when we controlled the whole game, only to falter by a last minute lucky goal by that damned Russian.

Drogba is practising his finger licking good to Burnley's fan....

Let's focus on Bolton this Saturday. Actually, the result wasn't that bad as compared to Chelsea... yeaa... they got burned by Burnsley and worst of all, in a penalty shoot out! And Drogba could be in a hot soup for showing his middle finger and throwing back a coin to the opposition fans.

If I were to put it nonchalantly... it seems that both League leaders are determined to let go this nonsense cup. Liverpool under Rafa, is concentrating fully to the Premier League. And I do believe Rafa is targeting the UEFA Champions League as well. For this, I support Rafa.
Though FA Cup could be another good tournament for Liverpool to participate. The memory of 2001 (beating Arsenal) and 2006 (beating West Ham) is so fresh in me.


kajang-today said...

yeah right, not a priority considering lack of depth in the squad. nobody will miss carling!
it's BPL that matters.period.

meiguoren said...

Carling = Worthington = Worthless Cup
I know we missed out on a silverware but definitely, the priority is on the only silverware that have been evading us for eons, The Premier League!!! Needless to say, this is a collateral damage, it's a must since we don't wanna watch The Kop to falter again due to the hectic schedule... So, cheers all the way and keep our faith!!!

Anonymous said...

every match is important...
whether is the
all are important...
by gettin' in this matches(winnin'!)
boost morale!
then..again...i admit...what matters is when all teams had play 38 games.
1. Liverpool
2. etc.
3. etc.
4. etc.

LIVERPOOL champion of EPL!!!

Anonymous said...

haiyaaa man... must you use those B words? No need la. All are Liverpool fans here. Same-same. Blog owner, please do something.

utusanLFC said...

hmmm... most of the time, I rather not do anything to edit what ever you guys write. Of course, I agree that we don't need to resort to those harsh words.

So please refrain yourself. ok guys! Lets make this blog a clean happy platform for all of us.



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