05 November 2008

LFC 1 - Atletico 1 (another last minute equaliser...another boring game)

The draw against Atletico Madrid last night, somehow fit the movie title I watch yesterday's evening : The Quantum of Solace. Oh my God. Not only the movie sucks...It runs so short... about 1 hour 45 minutes. It could be because of censorship on the sex scene. hahaha... However, the car chase in the opening part of the movie, really really put me in the state of horror. At least two Alfa's were damaged i.e rammed by a truck and another jumped off the cliff. Then the James Bond Aston Martin DB9 also badly damaged (bullets hole and drivers door were shattered...). The whole plot is lousy. Instead of villain aiming to conquer the world, now the target is simply in Bolivia. And we're not even referring to the oil catchment.... instead it was about water supply. Simply to destabilised the military junta. ooopssss.... I shouldn't give away the plot to all of you who yet to watch the movie. But as for me, 1 thumbs down. But don't get influenced by my judgement. I think Pierce Brosnan still the best. He got charm and he's one liner is marvellous. This new Bond is rather one bad looking Brits. Though I must say, he look dashing in the well-tailored suit. I don't know if its Armani or what... I think I dream myself of getting one... but I have to flatten my belly first. hahaha...

Now, lets talk about the game. I as usual won't go to the inner tactical part. I leave it to Mr Manaf Khan to do it later. I prefer to bore you guys with my funny yet tragic experience last night. I reach home at about 11.15pm from the cinema. Just imagine how fast I drove my truck all the way from the MidValley to Shah Alam. Well, there were not much traffic and the route was a long straight highways, so it was easy for me to reach home within 20mins.

I try to sleep but it took me til 12.30pm before I can doze off and woke up at 2.40am. This is the tragic part. I didn't really count properly the timing. I was so sure the game starts at 2.45am. The fact is the game started an hour later. I realise then, my battery would be very low when the game eventually start. But I try my best. I fix myself a hot drink. I sat straight (instead of lying on the couch)... and I think... my eyes managed the beauty of the game for 15 mins. Then I was in the state of twilight. A few minutes dozing off... then woke up... then slowly dozing off before I was shaken by that 1st goal.

Carra was absolutely fooled by that fella. I believed it was somewhere at 39th minutes. At half time, I text Manaf telling him that I couldn't bear to stay awake as I have to be in the office at 9am today. When I woke up at 7.50am, I saw 2 messages. One from Manaf and one from Sufi. A draw. Thank God. If I sacrifice my sleep just to see that kind of results, I must be cursing myself. hmm.... a truly quantum of solace, isn't it? hahaha

p/s : when you see how terrible Chelsea's result (they lost 1 - 3 to Roma), we should be thankful that we managed to draw this game. But are we?


Khan said...

I feel like calling Astro. What is so difficult in indicating the actual time the game starts? The papers advertised Astro's lineup in espn and checking the info in the afternoon was correct. I woke myself up at 2.45 too and had to 'waste' so much time in which I could have continued sleeping (although listening to Dalgish would have been nice too).

Game? macam biasa la...problem biasa, 'luck' biasa...sigh..

Khan said...

Quantum Solace: you think it could be more exciting if it were entitled Quantum Shoelace?

Anonymous said...

quantum of sodomise?



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