14 November 2008


This is Mercedes-Benz ML350. I tested this beautiful SUV in May. This photo has nothing to do with the article below. It's just simply to entice you guys to come and read my posting. hahaha

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that cash crisis could force American co-owners to accept £500m bid from Sheikh Mohammed.

According to this daily (and without quoting any sort of sources) Tom Hicks and George Gillett may have to swallow their pride and accept a take-it-or-leave-it £500million buy-out offer from Sheikh Mohammed in the wake of grim forecasts about their prospects of steering Liverpool through a worsening financial crisis.
With the deadline looming for repayment of a £350million loan to Royal Bank of Scotland, Liverpool's co-owners face a dilemma over their next move, following claims from financial expert Keith Harris that the Anfield club are 'the ones who worry me most.'
hmmm... the open warfare between those two idiots and Rafa last year was really sickening and embarrassing. Seriously speaking, all this while it has been a nice and honourable thing to be associated with Liverpool (and still is, actually) until the debacle between the owners and the gaffer started. The stupidity really shook the ground around us. Liverpool has never been a loud entity.

As some said, Liverpool is known as a team who handle their business domestically in a manner that might arose respect from the corporate entity. All the money transactions and administration were done professionally. Nobody laughs at us then. But since the Americans came aboard (and hardly a year after their takeover of the club, even!), Liverpool's business was done in open view, creating lots of negative news - thus the chain-reaction of negative vibes, negative images and ruined the prestige that has been built carefully for decades.

All of us agreed that the Americans bought Liverpool for the sake of business and love has nothing to do with it. And for that, our relations (fans) with the American businessman can best be described as sweet as the Taliban and the G.I. Fortunately, none resort to terrorism.

I lend my support towards the initiative started by some brilliant fans based in the UK. I even send an e-mail voicing my opinion as it was a big problem for fans like me - really really far away here in Malaysia and with a seriously weak currency exchange to provide 5,000 pounds which is roughly RM35,000 for one equity stake in the fans initiative to buy back from the Americans. That RM35,000 is an average income for most Malaysian per year!

However, what is transpiring in Anfield is watched and monitored closely by not only me but many Liverpool fans from this side of the world. I am proud that our support has been recognised by many, including the Great Ian Rush who voiced his amazement with the massive support that he saw for the club when he came over to Malaysia either as a pundit for ESPN or conducting a training class for our national football team, not that long ago.

There are some really fanatic fans like me and you out there. A buddy (who yet to register in this blog), Jagdev confessed that he won't hesitate to spend more than RM300 just to purchase the latest edition of Liverpool kit. Some of you might opted for a double-usage attire such as the polo shirt. One you can wear while you're hanging around with your goons and at the same time, can wear it to the office on Saturdays. I belong to this category. I buy shirts that I can use on two separate occasions. Because jersey, you can't wear it in the office. Not with that Carlsberg logo so huge on your stomach! hahaha...

But I do get some help from my relatives who resides near the Malaysian border with Thailand. yeaa... the knock-off which is termed as 1st grade imitation of the jersey. Well... it cost only RM25 but you hardly can notice the different. Compare that to a RM300 original jersey but actually was made in China or Hong Kong. So what is the different with the knock-off made in Thailand? Not much. I'll wear the jersey in my weekly futsal game without hesitation. After all, who wants to ruin a RM300 shirt in a futsal?

And Jagdev has his own justification for spending that type of money on original items. ``for all I care... the money goes back to the club...'' he said, though for 5 days I spend with him abroad recently - I was the only one wearing my Liverpool colours. hahaha... (original too...)


hiDayah.nazri said...

i hope they wont continue on the new stadium plans. i love anfield. everybody does.

Khan said...

oi! apa da taliban..

Khan said...

hehe ;-)

utusanLFC said...

ya laaaa... Taliban mana baik ngan American G.I... itu perumpamaan. Factual. Bukan Akta Hasutan. kahkahakahahkh



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