01 November 2008


AFTER 5 days without Internet access, it is now a big relieve in me to return to the civilisation... Not that the place I went to is a backward one. As I have explain in my first posting this morning (below), the place I went to, was in fact a modern city. It was just me who were afraid to spend my precious money on the rather still steeply Internet charges in the hotel room. I brought my laptop but in the end, I think I should save my money instead for something that brought me there in the first place.... hahaha...
I knew about the midweek game, through a series of text messages via SMS with Sufi. Thanks bro! You know very well that I am the one who will bear the costs... hahaha. I also knew about one big court cases in Shah Alam yesterday. Not through Sufi, though. We seldom talks about politics or current issues!
After reading all the English newspapers websites, I see that the focus attention was on Robbie Keane and the ability of Hotspur to thwart Liverpool stay on the top chart after their miracles against Arsenal last Thursday.
I find it a bit funny. The re-emergence or the so-called rejuvenation of Hotspur has been a massive headlines for the last 2 weekends. Started with the sacking or Juan Ramos and a shocking appointments of Harry Rednapp... and he won the game against Bolton... wow. And the goal orgy in the Emirates. And tonight, they dream to inflicting the same effect to Liverpool. hmmm.... let them dream. Because Liverpool doesn't have time to entertain such dreamers. At least for Keane who has yet to score his first league goal. Keane did converted those lovely 2 goals in the Champion League (speaking of irony, if he were to stay with Hotspur, Keane would never have the opportunity to score those two goals...).
Keane, to me is an establish player. It's just a matter of time for Keane to score as much as he did when he was in the White Hart Lane. I have said it before and I am stating it again here... we must practice those good and strong patience towards Keane. At least, we didn't have to wait until the 18th game for Keane to do so, like Peter Crouch. And Crouch is a classic example for a newly transferred striker. After those assaults onto Wigan (who were riding high then just like Hull at the moment), Crouch score mercilessly in all front (though it was not as rampant as Torres... ). So I sincerely believe that Keane will be a sensation in the Liverpool's squad. Give him time. After all, even though he is not scoring, his assists did resulting in a winning goals for Liverpool other players. Ask Kuyt about it. He definitely will tell you clearly in Dutch...
My friend were teasing me when I told them I might not be able to stay awake that long (1.25am) as I am experiencing a mild jet leg. Not so much of the time difference but more on the inability for me to have a comfortable rest and sleep on board. I'm yet to get my full 6 hours sleep. I'll do that after the games tonight until noon tomorrow.
So guys, cheer on for Liverpool. I'm going out. Teh tarik is what I am craving for now.

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Manaf said...

I hope we score first, score again and score some more and it will be a comfortable win. Too many dramas already la this year...



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