03 November 2008

Losing to Hotspur must not distrupt our focus

If you can't see the wordings, please save it into your pc and used the whatever photoshop you have to enlarge it....

Funny isn't it? It has been quite sometime since the last time we feel this way. You know... the losing feelings... I'm not sure if its a good thing or not. Perhaps, we have been so ignorance, so used to, so complacent about our winnings record that when we were blown off by Hotspur and, the dejection feeling is enormous. Though personally, I tend to not giving it too much of a thought. I just simply opted not to wear the LFC shirt yesterday but wear the LFC's cap, instead. Showing people that albeit the team was beaten, my heart and my soul remain intact in my head.

This morning is a bit busy. I am experiencing some new things on my job. I got to do the interviews for the potential staff for our organisation. Not only today, in fact until Wednesday. Now I'm back on my desk... I'm a bit exhausted. May be not used of being free... Though I intend to leave the office at about 6pm, the latest. I was informed there will be another meeting tonight, but they won't missed me. After all, 12 hours in the office is hazardous to our health.

Can't wait for the Atletico game. The best game to reproduce our winning ways? So Atletico... be very very afraid... Torres will be fit by then.


hiDayah.nazri said...

HAHA promote lscm ke ni?
i was planning to.
but i'm not a free legal kid yet.
everything must be supervised by my parents -_-
tunggu habis sekolah lah haha

Khan said...

Can't wait for this game too. Hope it cheers Benitez up..he looks very much dejected la. LFC has yet to extend his existing contract.

utusanLFC said...

apa ler adik Dayah cerita ni? mana ada suruh attached dengan mana-mana entity salah. Just a fan club. Jangan takut la. Tell your dad, perhaps he himself would like to join on his own.



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