09 February 2012

Fabio Capello resigned in the name of John Terry

Fabio Capello with his adopted son. - REUTERS

I must say it is a bit weird that Fabio Capello resigned as manager of England on Wednesday following the Football Association’s decision to strip John Terry of the captaincy. The Italian ego must be as huge as the Costa Concordia ship that eventually capsized at Giglio island.

The whole fiasco started with the protest by the Black players in the England squad who urges the England FA to punish Terry for something he is yet to be found guilty in the court of law. Well, this is how the law is been practised in the football world of the United Kingdom. Forget about `innocent until proven guilty' is not a concept well-known. That was the case with Liverpool's striker, Luis Suarez. The ruling by the FA was loop-sided and arose many questions but Suarez was banned for 8-matches. Fortunately, that didn't really cost LFC that much in terms of performances.

It is good to see that a manager like Capello, stand vehemently loyal to his captain. But his resignation must be a well-calculated by Capello himself. The question is that: a clever and cultured gentleman in the stature of Capello must had have known the very reason why the England FA decided to strip John Terry's captaincy. It wasn't much about `innocent or guilty' issue but more as a measure to address the discomfort expressed by the Black players in the squad. I don't see that as a huge problem. Capello was called to face the FA because of his outburst in the Italian media, implying how mad he was for the decision as the FA didn't consult him FIRST.

Capello resigned not so much because of this incident. The least he want to do is aligned himself to John Terry who is facing a criminal charge for racism in the court of law. Surely it's not related to money. He is paid handsomely by the FA. You want to call it a matter of principle? Principle my arse.

Capello resigned because he didn't believed England squad could go further than what he already tried in the last World Cup. Semi-finals. No hope to be the European Champion. He must have thought that the only person who could stop opposition's team from scoring is John Terry. Without him, England's back would be an open shooting gallery. One more BS, my old chap.

Either way, I really don't care. My focus of attention is solely on Liverpool FC. So if the FA wants Steven G to replace Terry, so be it. The real issue is not football on the pitch. It's about racism, isn't it?  

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