20 February 2012

Rest assure Suarez of LFC's loyalty

Brighton & Hove Albion goalkeeper Peter Brezovan, second right, saves a penalty from Liverpool's Luis Suarez, second left, during the English FA Cup fifth round match at Anfield, Liverpool, England, Sunday Feb. 19, 2012. (AP Photo)

WHEN asked by the reporters after the match, Kenny Dalglish nonchalantly replied that he picked Luis Suarez to kick the penalty shot ''due to sentiments''. As we all know, Suarez squandered the chance and somehow made the Brighton goalie, Mr Brezovan something to smile even though the loss was 6-1 and 3 of it was registered in the History Channel as OWN GOALS.

Sentiments or not, we can appreciate what is Dalglish trying to do for Suarez. In my spontaneous tweet, I wrote : ``When Kenny Dalglish signalled for @luis16suarez to take the penalty, that is also a signal The King is protecting his LFC knight of Uruguay'' (follow me at @johardyibrahim). 

And I am also sure that Suarez could understand what has the boss done to him. Failure to convert the penalty is now considered a secondary issue, as Suarez managed to score 5 minutes before full time. 

But the gesture from Dalglish, knowing fully well that it was better to have a proven penalty takers such as Dirk Kuyt or Steven Gerrard. Instead, Dalglish flashed his fingers 5 plus 2 = 7. Kuyt had to obey the boss, though no one can be really sure if he had laugh at Suarez for his failure to score. Any way, Kuyt was and has been a real professional. He kept on playing and attacking. Perhaps, he would love to score in the match.

So what does the Dalglish's gesture means for Suarez? As I have tweeted, it is a show of trust, loyalty and honour from the King onto his Knight of Uruguay. The Knight was blighted with a rather unnecessary controversy recently and some of the Brighton's obnoxious fans even booed Suarez. 

The visiting fans seems to have left their manners at home. It is a universal nature for any human being that if you stepping into another man's house, you must respect the owner. Not by booing a player who has nothing to do at all with them. Okay, it's all about racism. I know but Brighton fans must understand, for us Liverpool FC: while we recognised the seriousness of the racism issue, we tend to see the whole chaotic blunder by Suarez, was targeted solely onto Patrice Evra ONLY. This is the very guy who was obstructing him and inevitably caught both of them in a rather unpleasant war of words. While Evra successfully in ensuring Suarez was banned for 8 matches and the subsequent encounter in the Old Trafford, he must have had known that all Liverpool FC fans in the world are cursing Evra with the same velocity we did upon Gary Neville. So Brighton fans, don't get confused. Don't boo Suarez in the future. Be a gentleman, please. We do enjoy the three own goals by the hapless Brighton players, though.

Coming back to the gesture thing: as comforting for Dalglish to show his loyalty towards Suarez, now we expect the Uruguayan to reciprocate. In the midst of crazy crazy speculation from Italy and Spain that are dreaming to snatch Suarez away from England, Dalglish has done a master stroke to stop those nonsense. The Liverpool manager is very much protecting Suarez ALL THE TIME and for that, Suarez must not be swayed with the malicious media reports of him quitting the Merseyside club. The manager is loyal to Suarez. The fans are loyal to the club. We expect Suarez to be loyal to Dalglish and to the Liverpool FC. Surez should know that he is not walking alone. 


Anonymous said...

There is nothing to apologize for.
Sentiments ARE the most important part of a person. Your decision was alturistic and showed the excelent person you are. Decisions alwas are hand to hand with risk.

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...


Glad to have you here. Surely it won't hurt to know you. YNWA bro!

rizal said...

betul ke suarez nak blah bro?

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...


Apparently, the racism issue still follows Suarez to this very day. I saw a certain Black group criticising LFC for the way the club handles the case.
This could only mean 1 thing: Suarez might be pushed to the corner.



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