24 February 2012

Steven Gerrard's appetite for Cardiff destruction

Gerrard is mocking Craig Bellamy's fight club gesture? - Photo AFP

Just now I saw the memorable photo of Gerrard in 2003. A bit thin and that military hair style back then, really bolster his menacing look. Nine years later, this captain of ours has matured but if any of our nemesis thought that he has become mellowed, they are dead wrong. He still deadly as he was in 2003, and the most important of all, he still has that huge appetite for destruction. That's why I think the final game of the Carling Cup this Sunday is not so much on Craig Bellamy or Luis Suarez but our mercurial captain.

Some of us might have forgotten just few years ago, the UK media were moaning that this team of ours: Liverpool FC was merely a team consisting of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. The mockery was cruel because not only it was not true but also denying the contribution of our other squad members. It's okay. Now that we have an exciting firepower in Luis Suarez, Craig Bellamy and much improved Andy Carroll, the sick-criticism of Liverpool being a single-man team inadvertently had passed us. 

Thus, in the same time people and opposition alike, seems to ignore the very fact that Steven Gerrard, after a long injury, is still lethal and dangerous. I am baffled that there wasn't much news written about Steven Gerrard's ability, one-man force to destroy Cardiff City's ambition to lift the Carling Cup this Sunday.

Well, having Suarez, Bellamy and Carroll at the front, many of us would feel that Gerrard would be settled in the middle position as a feeder to them. I agree. That has been the case because gone the era where we saw Gerrard was used as the second striker, to support Torres or in the absence of that pathetic man now couldn't score as much as he would like in Chelsea as in Liverpool. I dread to write his name but I'm writing about the historical fact and it is impossible to omit him. Sentiments is fine but denying the history of the club is a big sins.

In my short preview prior to the final of the Carling Cup, I bet my whole collection of Liverpool FC that Gerrard would be instrumental again in winning us the Carling Cup. Once more I request: Sir Steven Gerrard, please arise.... and WALK ON! WALK ON! 

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