06 February 2012

Luis Suarez to start against Spurs

Luis Suarez himself doesn't know when would Dalglish play him in the match against Tottenham Hotspur at 4am Malaysia time 7 February 2012. 

It's 8pm now.  About 8 hours to go before the dawn match against Tottenham Hotspur to start at 4 am Malaysia time. It's just about to day light in UK, snowy I supposed. Hopefully in Liverpool, the weather is not that bad, because we really don't want the game to be postponed.

There were serious questions in the UK press, speculating that Luis Suarez won't be made to play immediately after been absence for the whole of January due to that 8-match banned. They may have a case, especially with Kenny Dalglish himself implying as such. But that is merely as a decoy, a tactic to ensure the Spurs won't be able to make up their specific strategy if Suarez were to be started or other wise.

But in my own opinion, Dalglish won't keep his star striker on the bench. He wasn't playing not because of injuries, thus he doesn't need the same treatment been given to Steven Gerrard who was introduced gradually into the game. In fact, according to reports from Melwood, Suarez was practising whole-hearted with the teammates. He surely doesn't need extra protection what so ever!

And with Suarez in the starting line-up, that is sufficient for Tottenham to feel the jitters. They know that coming to Anfield has never been easy when they have to face the loud crowd. Now with Suarez is available, the task must be tougher. 

But we also know, Tottenham are walking tall. Excluding the manager who is under scrutiny for the bunkgate issues, the squad has been performing quite well, in fact could really challenged the freaking two Manchester clubs. This fact, and also that unpleasant moment when Spurs beat 9 Liverpool players in the earlier match in London, makes tomorrow morning's match is a MUST WATCH game. 

Let's see if Dalglish would be bold enough to play Suarez together with Carroll, Gerrard and Bellamy in this match. I do hope so! To all of you LFC fans, I say YNWA!


yee said...

we are only unbeaten team in home game this season..lose away from us..draw maybe..my prediction liverpool 5 spurs 0


utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Hi Yee,

Liverpool seems to be an artist of sort. Too many draws. LOL



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