22 January 2012

Andy Carroll is not fit for Liverpool FC

Andy Carroll, your time is up. 

We have been patience enough, to a point of really close to blind loyalty towards the very existence of Andy Carroll within the Liverpool squad. While it is true it was Andy's header that assisted Craig Bellamy to score the consolation goal, but that was it. We wanted more. But Carroll doesn't seems capable to provide any. The frustration has gone to the North Pole. It's unbearable. 

We read how mad was Kenny Dalglish after the match. I think as a manager, he had the first instinct to protect and vilified his players, until the match against Bolton Wanderers. The fact that the team is hovering the relegation zone and managed to win against LFC, is something that seems to be a weird patent this season. A struggling team, a lowly budgeted squad have all inflicted horror towards LFC one way or the other. 

Some of us wants to vent their anger onto Dalglish. As a manager, he is the responsible man who jotted the players name in the squad sheet. He decided which tactics to employ. And how to motivate the players. I really don't want to join this hate-group. I still harbour a strong trust on Dalglish's ability. I don't see changes of manager would do LFC any good. We have tried almost every nationality. We had a French teacher, Spanish tactician, English, Scots. Dalglish must be given a season to prove himself. Do not compare Dalglish with Roy Hodgson. It's a different class.

Having said that, I pointed my accusation of last night's failure solely on the lack of concentration on the fullbacks. Everything seems not in place. Skrtel was shaky. Agger wasn't determined while Enrique was like someone who is trying hard to defy all the positive credit that we have poured on him all this time with a single lousy performance. And why did Glen Johnson so reluctant to go forward?

Those factors were aggravated by the non-existence of our front man. We thought we could rely on a 22 year old forward with a price tag that only surpassed by foreign players but instead, it was a 32 year old firebrand was our only bright player on the pitch. Reo Cocker, do not prolonged your feud with him. Bellamy is not the one you want to mess with. Take it like a man. And the match ended, so is your complaint.

I have been telling every one to give Carroll a chance to prove himself. But today, I won't be doing it anymore. I am pretty pissed-off with his lack of performance. I thought David Ngog was doing better at the other end. And I always feel Ngog was badly treated while he was in LFC. At least he managed to shoot a few and rattled our fullbacks. But Carroll? Any one who is assigned to shadow him, would emerged as the hero. Carroll seems to be the easiest striker to control and shut down. He is not for LFC to keep. Kenny Dalglish must let him go. Before all of us goes down further in the league. Please.

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bernard lee said...

but bro u just commented on the usefulness of carroll against devils. so u think he is fit to stay now?



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