07 January 2012

Andy Carroll's left footer was the best!

We have waited for Andy's left footer for quite a long time. We know it would  go in, we know it would be beautiful. Do it again in the Manchester City's match. - AFP

Speaking of a left footer, Oldham Athletic's forward Robbie Simpson was not bad at all. Thumbs up for the effort. It's not easy to beat our Pepe Reina and only such thunder strike would be exceptional. - AFP

LIVERPOOL 5 - OLDHAM ATHLETIC 1. That was the flash I read in my Twitter this morning. A relief and a bit of anger. Relief that we managed to come back from the slumped by Manchester City a few days ago and to score that a high margin, is simply marvellous.

Critics might argue that the opponent was a lowly team. But Liverpool never belittling their opponent in any way, except when we are referring to Manchester United and only Manchester United. After all, FA Cup is where the minnows would give the big club a shock or two. Luckily, the shock came only once when Robbie Simpson shot that I must say, a beautiful strike to beat Pepe Reina for Oldham's first goal when it was still 0-0.
My anger was that because there were no live telecast at all on this match. After reading the news flash in the Twitter, I hurriedly switch on my Facebook account to watch the video link of the goals. I was smiling but deep in heart, I am a bit bitter. The game should have shown in the television. It was streamed online but it would never be the same watching the match on Full HD flat screen. HAHAHA....
Never mind. We won. That's sufficient. ENJOY!

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