24 January 2012

Balotelli, you have no class AT ALL

Why always you? That was generous of Mr Webb. Red card it should have been.

Mario Balotelli is a moron. If he thinks he could get away with his crime, he must have only a set of radio in his home. If he has a television, he'll know straight away that in what ever angle, every movement of his would be captured by the camera on the pitch. Yet he still thinks he can escape by claiming his stamp on Scott Parker was unintentional. 

Let's put it into perspective. During the moment of truth: when they first entangled in the bloody tackle, yes that can be deemed as unintentional and the ball was 50-50 for both to fought for. The second you fall down, you know your opponent is immobilised, consciously you will be wary of his body parts i.e hands, leg, foot, the neck or head, and you don't want to step on it. You know, accidence happened but you really don't want to hurt any body.

What we saw from the replay was pure crime committed by one Mario Balotelli who has no regards of other players livelihood. He has no respect towards the others. He think he is better than Lionel Messi. Well, Mario: Messi doesn't create unnecessary ruckus on the pitch, aside than his ability to play marvellously. You Mr Balotelli, is a total clown. 

You make a fool of your club. You disobey your manager. Poking fun towards the opposition, thus showing total disrespect for the game. Do you really believe the Manchester City fans would applaud that kind of attitude of yours? You're a freaking stupid. You could have killed Scott Parker's career with that action. And you think every one would celebrate your wit? You're bloody arrogance Mr Balotelli. 

Try to do it again in the match against Liverpool, tomorrow. If you dare, Mr Balotelli.

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