01 January 2012

Luis Suarez found guilty because he can't speak properly?

The FA's written verdict on Luis Suarez shed more questions than ever.
It was a long read but yet, I couldn't comprehend on the part of ``unreliable and inconsistent'' that FA summaries on Luis Suarez's testimony, The FA report says Suarez's evidence was 'unreliable in matters of critical importance' and 'inconsistent with the contemporaneous evidence, especially the video footage'. 

By contrast, the FA found that Evra was 'a credible witness' and that he gave evidence 'in a calm and composed way' and was 'for the most part consistent'. 

As I have suggested, Suarez's case fell apart with his admission of using the word `negro' and according to the FA, he used it 7 times.

Patrice Evra, for his part, admitted using obscene language at the start of his clash with Suarez.

My argument in protesting the harsh 8-match ban is straight forward. While we cannot overlooked the seriousness of such racist remarks (allegedly uttered by Suarez), the FA should have taken into consideration what was the event that sparked the commotion between the two. Common sense prevailed, if player A did not provoked player B, this whole stupid incident won't  happened.

The FA couldn't determined what and who started the incident and if they use the video, as they claimed in examining Suarez's body language, the FA should fully understand what and when it all started. The FA Disciplinary Commission, consisting of Paul Goulding QC, Brian Jones, the chairman of Sheffield and Hallamshire FA, and former player and manager Denis Smith, decided that the likeliest version of events was that Evra initially spoke to Suarez aggressively, using foul and abusive language to ask why he had fouled him, and that Suarez responded by saying, in Spanish: 'Because you are black.' 

Read the lines carefully. It was when Evra failed to content or stop Suarez's persistent run into the Manchester United's goal post area that Evra started to get agitated and resorted to verbal assault on Suarez. If only Evra a real professional football player, he will be focused on the football aspect and try to stop Suarez in a football terms, not verbal provocation. It is stated in the report that the FA accepted the fact that Evra ``started the provocation''.

UK media said there's no way for Liverpool to argue the case. I doubt it. But I'm no lawyer. But as a lay man, I still can understand the ramification and the right to be heard. So we shall see if Liverpool FC will fight or not the ban. The club has until 13 January 2011. Suarez can play in the next three games, including their Carling Cup semi-final first leg trip to Manchester City on January 11. 

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