01 January 2012


Obviously we were too happy to be in Anfield that we somehow over-used the scarf around our neck. From left: myself, Mdm Norliza Kamaruddin and Jagdev of The Star on Dec 10, 2011.

I wish all of you : a jolly New Year of 2012. I won't be asking what type of celebration you participated last night, on the New Year's eve. It must have been a blast!!!... I'm not sure if you even awake today! It's New Year and also it's Sunday. So resume your slumber!

Personally, 2011 has been an awesome year, in particular as a professional writer and also as a hardcore fan of Liverpool FC.  Early in 2011, I was send to cover the Arab Spring in Egypt. I was among the only three Malaysians witnessing the so-called 'liberation of Egypt' in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo when Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation. 

While that was the highlight of my 2 decades career, it gets better in December when I am selected to join the media trip organised by Standard Chartered Bank to watch the match between LFC vs Queen's Park Rangers on 10 December 2011. I get to see Luis Suarez scored the solitary winning goal and most importantly, singing our anthem You'll Never Walk Alone in one voice with the rest of the Anfield attendees on that wet and cold day in Liverpool.

Let's pray 2012 would bring us a more joyous occasion and success to every each one of us. 


Anonymous said...

Salam bro...jeles gila kot tengok dapat pegi Anfield...nak tanya sikit boleh? Berapa kos ke sana and apa route ke sana eh? nak kumpul duit la..heheh...nice blog...sebab berjaya buat aku jeles!

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Salam kembali bang.

I tak leh bagi you perincian. Tapi kos tertinggi tentunya tiket belon KL ke London. Dulu ada MAS direct ke Manchester (pekan terdekat ke bandaraya Liverpool). Semalam Airasia X kata dia tangguh operasi ke London. MAS ni, ada waktunya bagi special offer. U kena rajin bukan website dia. If takde, boleh guna Etihad or Emirates. Cuma hang ke pusing ke Abu Dhabi atau Dubai. Airasia X direct 13 jam.
Ongkos you kena sediakan ialah tak kurang RM4k for the ticket belon. Di London keretapi ke Liverpool RM600 (kalau rajin website, dapat RM50 pun ada). Bed & breakfast RM200 semalam. Restoran halal berlambak kat L1. Nanti la I buat artikel khas ceritera lebih lanjut preparation ke sinun.



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