13 January 2012


Showing off the precious ticket for the LFC's match against Blackpool on Oct. 3, 2011 (look at that giant photo of that dumb blonde on the wall next to Steven Gerrard)

Replying to a repeat queries from various LFC's fan in Malaysia on how to go to Liverpool to watch a match, here I will try my best to accommodate.

First of all, you got to secure the stadium ticket before you do anything else. How do you do that? You can go direct to the LFC's ticketing office via online or telephone. It is a bit messy because you have to register as the international member. But if you have done so, it shouldn't be a problem. 

If you don't, you can always befriended Malaysians who have contacts in Liverpool or have been there and know how to go about. This can be established by making a lot friends via the Facebook. There are quite a number of LFC's grouping in the Facebook which was initiated or created by Malaysian.

The third option is to go there dare-devil. Three days before the match-day, the club is giving an option for those season-card holder to resale their tickets to the club, which then resale it at the stadium's ticketing booth.Nowadays, the chances is slim. Almost every game the stadium is sold-out. According to a friend, ever since Kenny Dalglish took over, the momentum and enthusiasm among the fans have been huge, thus ensuring a never failed full-housed stadium. So this third option is pretty dangerous. You can be at the stadium but not inside during the match. So near but so far.

So it is better to secure the ticket using the first and second options.

After you have done that, you must calculate the cost of air ticket. The air ticket is ranging from as low as RM809 to RM1,800 one way. So you have to prepare at least RM4,500 in total. If you book the air ticket very early that is a few months prior to date of departure (after you secure the Anfield ticket), you can get a cheaper airline ticket via online booking. A lot of airlines are giving out massive discounted fares via online booking. The lower cost airline, AirAsia X just yesterday issued a statement that they are suspending the flight from KL to Gatwick has been suspended until further notice. The AirAsia X's fare was the best. Again my advice is for you to be vigilant and work harder browsing the international airlines to find the best travelling package, and also that wouldn't needing you to stop over too long at a transit point. Look for a direct flight. The whole journey is about 13 hours. If transit, it could be 20 hours.

Upon arrival in London, you have to decide either to stay a day or go directly to Liverpool. You have to use the train.The ticket price also varied. It can go as expensive as RM200 per person but if you (again) book online, you'll get a handsome discount. Last December, I took the first train from London at the Euston Station at 6am or something. It was still dark. The journey took about 2 hours. 

In Liverpool, the station is situated at the heart of the city. You might confused yourself that the building in front of the station looks very much similar with the one in Rome. It's one of the John Moore's University building that is scattered all over the city.

For accommodation, you can choose either the Bed & Breakfast type of motel but I suggest you try the normal hotel. For example the international hotel that situated in front of the Albert's Dock (I refrained from naming the hotel since they didn't give me any sponsors). The standard room is costing about 100 pounds (RM500). Get a sharing bed, you get to pay RM250 per person and a real nice hotel, security and location. 

Albert's Dock is the tourist attraction in Liverpool. You can visit the museums there, the slaves industry that flourished in the city during the 19th century or so. And of course, the must-go museum of The Beatles. Not far from there you can ride the giant Ferris wheel by the Mersey river. 

And at the back of the hotel is L1, where the shopping centre is situated. Just 5 minutes walk, you'll reach the LFC's megastore. Two doors from it, is the Everton's store. 

For our Muslim brothers, do not be despair. There are a lot of halal restaurant in Liverpool. Mostly ran by our Muslim brothers from Pakistan. You can choose kebab or the typical Indian style food. The curry flavour is just like in Malaysia!

There are estimated to be around 200 Malaysian in Liverpool currently. Mostly post-graduates students and some brought their families along. They are pretty busy people for any of us to disturb. But you can try to get in touch with them. 

My buddy is an associate professor in UiTM who is pursuing his PhD at John Moore's University. I don't think I should introduce him to any of you. HAHAHA... You haven't hear a Malay curse another Malay in Scouse !!!

Hopefully this article can give you some ideas on how to get yourself to Liverpool. It is far but mind you, there are Malay sailors who migrated to Liverpool since the 19th century. Their names were embossed on the memorial wall in front of the Liverpool's City Hall by the Mersey river. So I guess for us Malaysian to visit Liverpool is not merely a football matter or studying only. Perhaps, there is a historical values there. May be. Just may be. 

To all of you, good luck for your future trips to Liverpool. I'll shall save my money to go for my third trip to Anfield. You'll Never Walk Alone to Liverpool from Malaysia, indeed!


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, both Syed Adney (goalkeeper in MSL) & Syarifah Sofea (local actress) are Liverpudlians by birth. Maybe can get in touch with them for contacts. Ooops! =p

~Enonimes Red~

Aizat Haris said...

Nice one bro. Very informative. Thank you very much for writing this. I guess I should start saving :)

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for writing this...really appreciate it =)

Anonymous said...

nice suggestion .. should save money to go there too now ;)

Jim Thomson said...

Really Good Post!!

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utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

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