10 January 2012

It's not solely about Evra. We just hate MUFC. Period!

Al Pacino as Don Corleone in Godfather III
Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement.

This is one of the famous quote by Don Corleone in a helicopter scene in the Godfather III movie can be aptly used in our everyday lives. Capish? It also depends if you have enemies as dangerous as Joey Zaza. I love the movie. I love ALL The Godfathers trilogies. No idea what I'm talking about? Google... my young Skywalker. 

So you're not supposed to hate your enemies, as advised by the Lord of the Hoodlums, created by Mario Puzzo (I have the books too!!! Hell... I have the video tape, VCD, DVD...posters...). 

This is one of the thing that came across my mind upon reading an article by a member of UK media, suspected to be bias against Liverpool FC last night. I do not wish to attribute anything on that article nor to insert any links to it.  I wish to comment a bit on it but not to glorify the bias writer. If you can find the article on the net, read it yourself.

In short, the writer accused that the whole chaos emanating  from the Patrice Evra & Luis Suarez racist row, which was according to him - was so badly handled by Liverpool FC, not really because of the blind loyalty towards Suarez but more pressing, the mere hatred between Liverpool FC and Manchester United.

Since the moron relate the issue to the racist case, it is pretty amusing to read his silly notion in that he accused us of more embroiled in our historical feud with the Manchester United, than to really managed the racist issue. It was made worst with the mad man who shouted the unbelievable chant during the FA Cup's match against Oldham Athletic.

The writer failed to see what made us the loyal LFC fan so frustrated with the FA. And as he had the guts to provoke us by saying we were buoyed by our hatred towards Manchester United is another point to ponder.

I have refrain and disciplined myself not to be a dumb fan of LFC. You can't go around the world claiming to be a fan to a specific club, while at the same time singing the nasty hatred sentiment. That's not football. That's dumb and bigotry. What I did was try to respect the opponent. Once in a while we can sing the `I hate MUFC' song but it shouldn't be the official theme. Sounds weird? No. Let's put it in a sane perspective. To be able to love football as a sport, to cherish the beauty of the technique and to embrace the satisfying moment when the team wins, you got to throw away the 'hate' word in your football dictionary. Instead, replace it with `respect'. It may sound daft or a cheap government propaganda, but listen: you get to enjoy football to the maximum without the `hate'.

I share the so-called `hatred' sentiment towards Manchester United. But I don't have to breath hate to justify my love towards Liverpool FC. That's why i can enjoy the MUFC match against Barcelona, which I don't really appreciate not a bit less than the scum. Because I don't have the hate in my vocabulary. If I don't like it, I simply watch HBO instead. HAHAHA

What a drama by an actor cum footballer, Nani trying to get sympathy from the world, while Patrice Evra is trying to be the translator for the Portuguese.

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