20 January 2012

Liverpool must score to win against Bolton Wanderers

oooppssss..... Liverpool is meeting Bolton Wanderers, not Michael Bolton.   Click here to listen to his most memorable song Said I love you but I lied...

Seriously speaking, supporting Liverpool all these years has taught me many many things that is useful in my every day life. One of it is that never to become a boastful person. It's easy since we don't have much to boast, some might say. 

But remember in 2005? The year we won the Champion Cup in Istanbul. Yet in the Premier League LFC were edged by Everton to the 4th place. The rules were altered to enable LFC as the champion, to defend its title. Of course, the overall rules were changed that if there is another situation reoccurred in the future, the champion will have to let go if the club failed to be in the Top 4 of their respective leagues.

That's the time where we could have boast to the 7th Clouds (of course we did) but somehow, we still stand on the ground, alive and still human. It showed clearly the next year when LFC clinched the FA Cup in similar hardship manner they won the Champions Cup.

Another human value that I learn as a Liverpool fan is patience, be it in time of distressed or time of wanting. Distressed is when you saw your team were beaten. Wanting is when your team controlled the match, yet couldn't win the game.

Lately, this has become an anomaly.

The team could muster a good assault on the Big Guns as we have seen in the matches against Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and City but couldn't keep up the momentum when facing a newly relegated clubs or teams that always fought for their survival.

For an analytical fans, we are trying our best to understand the way Kenny Dalglish is preparing his teams and tactical game plan. Sometimes we agree with his selection, especially his loyalty towards Andy Carroll. And why not? And we questioned his wisdom when Craig Bellamy was benched. It's normal, I guess. People start to raise their voice when the team failed to score. Failure to score inadvertently means, we're not winning the game. Who will celebrate the 1 point sharing if we thought we could have won the match after all? 

You see Stoke City, they came not to win. That's why they parked their 9 double-decker in front of the goalie and Peter Crouch was the lone striker. The team's lousy tactic was to stifle the LFC's attack. Lousy you may say, but it's still a prudent football tactic. The same way LFC did in the Manchester City's 2nd half game in the Carling Cup's match.

So we ask: how the hell should we do to counter such a tactic? You can't do a Messi's dribble into the box when there's three to four opposition players awaits you there nor can you do an aerial bombardment into the penalty box, not with the defenders stands at 6 footer average!

So how? I'm not a manager or a tactical analysis. I'm sure Dalglish has all the answers in his tactical book. It's a matter of who to execute it correctly. If the current strikers seems to be slow in connecting the dots, I supposed Dalglish have to get another striker. We can't simply wait for Suarez to return in February. We could be winning more 1 point than 3 points by then.

Well, it's not a question I post here. It's more like a concerned. A serious one.

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