26 January 2012

It was a clear cut handball by Micah Richards

Harsh decision by the ref to award Liverpool the penalty? It is harsh if the ball hit the neck, instead of Micah Richards's hands. (Getty Images - stolen from the Internet, actually)

The supposedly unbias football commentator were quick to say ``a very very harsh decision by the referree'' and ''a controversial penalty''. To him, it was more like a `ball to hand' situation, a way to describe it was unintentional. It would harsh if in that event, Micah was yellow carded for conduct of unprofessional by using his hand to stop a goal bound shot by Daniel Agger. But he was not, isn't he?

Instead the incident occurred inside the penalty box and it was goal bound. The red have made the spot on decision. Be it intentional or not, Micah's hand were raised, in front of the ref and clear view even by Mr Mancini himself (he wouldn't be complaining if he didn't see the incident at all, right?). If it's not harsh, how do we call that act by Micah? Self-protection from the incoming shot? Or unlucky hand of Micah's?

Or would it be harsh if the incident happens on the side of the goal post? Would the complaint and the boo-hoo cry from the many UK media be that loud if it was Liverpool were the one who failed to get into the final of the Carling Cup? some may think that the visiting team to Anfield is always at disadvantage. Oh really?

And again, for the man of the match won't be Vincent Kompany or Mario Balotelli. Instead, it was Craig Bellamy, again. He ran the fastest. He chased the unbelievable ball and gave his whole heart in ensuring the win. He is the striker that Kenny Dalglish should have put in the starting 11, ahead of the luck-luster Andy Carroll. Mr Bellamy, SALUTE! SALUTE! SALUTE!

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Still think that Rafa should've used Bellamy or Fowler in the 2007 CL final against AC Milan. It was the final that we should've won. Poor Crouch, only came on in the closing stages. Too late to make any significant impact. Rafa's stubborness proved to be his downfall (i.e. denying Xabi Alonso to be excused when his wife was due to give birth & when trying to lure Gareth Barry at the expense of Alonso). Just my 2 cents rant. =p

~Enonimes Red~



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