30 January 2012

Manchester United just don't get it. We, LFC only hate Mancs !

T-shirts claiming Liverpool fans aren't racist is seen at a stall near to the stadium ahead of the English FA Cup fourth round football match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England on January 28, 2012. Photo: AFP
TWO massive matches in two different competition and all went well for Liverpool FC. Unfortunately for me, last week I had an infection on my tonsil, thus making me unable to do much, aside than swallowing about 1000 grams of antibiotic into my body system. We are experiencing some hot weather here in Malaysia and since my soul is half located in Liverpool, the winter in me simply couldn't cope with the hot tropical day. Obviously, when on medication, switching on the laptop was not in my top priority. That's the reason why I didn't update my blog during the brilliant and humongous win against Manchester City and Manchester United. Damned, what a week it was!

In the Manchester City's game, Craig Bellamy was our hero. Of course, when we saw the team sheet, almost every one felt the anxiety or fear of seeing Bellamy was benched as Kenny Dalglish opted to use Andy Carroll, instead.

Only after the first goal we get to understand what was Dalglish's real tactic. Crowded the goalie box, making de Gea almost impossible to react when Carroll and Skrtel were barricading there.  Dalglish's aimed was to distort de Gea game and with the huge physics of Carroll, and the thought that he was the target man, made de Gea's live a living hell in the first halves.

I am trying my best to study Dalglish's tactical acumen. He knew that every body was watching how Bellamy wreck the City's defence. He knew Sir Alex Ferguson is definitely watching. And we thought since Bellamy was on top of his game, he'll start the game. So we thought. But it wasn't to be. Instead Dalglish chose Carroll. And the MUFC fans probably have thought it would be good for them since we have lost our Luis Suarez and our only scoring forward is Bellamy and yet he wasn't pick to start, Carroll wouldn't be hard to handle as even the LFC fans themselves start to having doubt about his ability. On the paper, you might think it was like that. But it goes down to the manager to manoeuvre a specific tactic to that the burden to score is not merely left on Carroll. 

Hence the header that successfully connected to Dirk Kuyt to score the winning goal. Because of my tonsil, I didn't shout on top of my voice. But I was jumping joyously, like a teenager who was just given the car key by my dad.

On Wednesday, it's another game that we in Malaysia have to wake up at 3.45am. With the crazy week it was, I don't mind to lose my sleep. Not at all, bro. Not at all.

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