07 January 2012

Liverpool FC is NOT a racist club. Ever!

Oldham Athletic's Tom Adeyemi (2nd R) is calmed down by Liverpool's Steven Gerrard (2nd L) and referee Neil Swarbrick (R) after a fan shouted abuse at him during their FA Cup soccer match against Liverpool at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England, January 6, 2012. - REUTERS

For many of the Asian newspaper, they will only published the post-match report tomorrow 8 January 2012, due to the time difference between UK and Asia. For Malaysia, it's 8 hours ahead. Thus for the matches that played at 8pm in UK, that spells trouble for us here because it is 4am !!!

My concerned is only on one particular issue for the match LFC vs Oldham Athletic at 4am this morning. Even though we won the match in a staggering manner (5 goals against 1), because of that one incident involving Tom Adeyemi, the news tomorrow would focused on the racist chant and overshadowed the whole football story.

Apparently, Adeyemi was pretty upset as someone from the stand shouted a word something like "black c*#t''. Since we didn't get to watch the game due to lack of live telecast, the still photo above could assist us a bit to understand what was happening. It took Steven Gerrard to interfere and pacify the clearly pissed-off Adeyemi. And who wouldn't? 

As it happened in the Anfield, this is the kind of incident we really really hate to watch. Because this stadium is our bastion, our home ground, our pride. Oh my, it is every body's dream to set their foot inside this stadium and I myself managed to do that twice. If the racist taunt is true, by all means, catch the guy and barred him for live from Anfield. The season ticket should be sold to LFC's fan in Asia.

This doesn't augur well for our beloved football club, not with Luis Suarez's case still very much a hot topic debated by not only in UK but also any countries that follow the English Premier League diligently. Suarez admitted to the FA panels that he uttered the word 'Negro' which was the focal point for the panel to indict and prosecuted Suarez to a 8-match ban and won't be playing for the whole month of January. We still hoping that FA could have been more apt in sentencing Suarez to such a harsh penalty because he was initially provoked heavily by the accuser, Patrice Evra. It's not like Suarez would utter such stupid words randomly or to anybody he feels inferior than him. Instead, it was because of Evra's provocation he said that silly word. Thus, 8-match ban is too draconian. In fact, Evra too should be penalised. 

But the club has decided not to proceed with the case. I am afraid that one day, Suarez would leave the club and pointed out to the failure of the club to give him sufficient protection or defending him accordingly to fight the FA. I hope it won't go down that way. I hope Suarez would recognised that the club has been very supportive of him since the day he came aboard and became a favourite for the LFC's fan all over the world. I remember I opted to purchase a scarf with Suarez's name, instead of Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher, who is my idol and whom I emulate when I play as the defender in a football or futsal match. Suarez is idolised still, as the loyalist of LFC never see him as a racist. It was a provocation by Evra and Suarez said the word ONLY to Evra, as a direct retaliation during the crunch match.

I supported this club because I know Liverpool FC is not a racist football club. I also knew that Suarez is not a racist. 


Anonymous said...

100% with you on this. Still pissed off about reports suggesting that the club & Dalglish's support for Suarez is misguided. Problem is, the whole world (apart from LFC supporters) are reading/believing these biased reports & not our explanation. As usual, Fergie & the gang have succeeded in deflecting attention on their failings.

~Enonimes Red~

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Thanks Enonimes Red !

The words were coming straight from the heart.



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