11 January 2012

Bellamy is LFC's real hope to beat Manchester City

Craig Bellamy could be the push-factor to win the match against Manchester City  in the Carling Cup at 4am Malaysia  time 12 January 2012. (Photo AFP)
The best part of tonight's match (well...it's a freakin 4am in Malaysia for us here!) is that nobody seems to care that it is only a League Cup or Carling Cup, which according to the clubs that have been ousted from the league... it is supposed to be a worth-nothing cup. hahaha... But because of the competing teams are such high-profile clubs, Carling Cup or no Worth Nothing Cup, this time it retain its glamour. I like it!

Apparently, Manchester City won't have a certain defender in their ranks tonight. Mr Kompany is serving the first out of 4 bans for the red cards he received in the derby match. Personally, I am a bit puzzled about that red card. The ref would say it was a two-footed lunged onto the fast-surging Nani. Kompany got the ball, Nani wasn't injured (good that he jumped for his leg). I believed there were many incidents as such and the ref would use his wisdom to allow the game to resume, with a stern verbal caution if he deemed it to be lethal. But a straight red card? I believed Nani was also surprised that he won a red card for Kompany.

And because of the ban, some one from that city would tease us by saying we won due to the absence of their best defender. Hey, we lost to Manchester City last time because we didn't have Luis Suarez. So it's even! By the way, LFC will have an upper hand if Kenny Dalglish start Craig Bellamy tonight. Together with Gerrard in the middle and the over-lapping Downing & Enrique, we shall see a real good fight on the horizon.

It's funny that I didn't really put too much a hope for Andy Carroll. There were lots of news about him today. There were crazy stories of him being approached to return to Newcastle. There were headlines of 20m pounds so Newcastle can take him back. Just a few minutes ago, I saw the headline that Newcastle wasn't interested in doing so and another one, Carroll is happy at Liverpool. If you read too much, your mind could be blown away! That's why I just read the headline. Don't care to read in details. The only source I would read without hesitation nor scepticism is liverpoolfc.tv

Ok enough for now. Got to sleep early tonight, to enable me waking up at 3.50am. There goes my sleep...

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