05 January 2012


LFC's lethal weapons on the bench in the Manchester City's match. They should be starting in the 2nd match against the Manchester City on 11 January 2012.
No posting since the match against Newcastle United? Then the heavy losses to Manchester City? Nothing out of the ordinary. I have mentioned it before, I won't be commenting on pre and post-matches that too often. So many bloggers are doing it, including who wrote once in every 3 months. I prefer to ponder on something else that is closer to my Red heart & soul.

Tonight, I would like to ask you: does anybody know when would Kenny Dalglish announce a new striker for the squad?

Is he in the market at all? Is he oblivious to the fact that we are in a dire needs of an established goal scorer? He has his own way but no one can stay calm after a half-season we only managed to score 21 goals (18 matches). It is a lousy stats. No matter how we can be so proud of our `meanest' defence before it was thrashed to the ground by Aguero and his fellow wealthy players yesterday at 4am Malaysia time.

With the sad fact of Luis Suarez's 8-match ban, he will be surely missed and it was evidence in the lost. Nothing much can be done by Steven Gerrard nor Craig Bellamy. If only Stuart Downing scored that early chances, it could have gone positively for us. But it was the same old song. Missed chances. Failure to convert again and again, including another golden opps for Dirk Kuyt and a free-kick by Charlie Adams. Missed here. Missed there. And then, we lost the 3 points.

I'm sure many of you have read of the `imminent' arrival of Darrent Bent. Aston Villa has issued a strong denial of any intention to let go of their only star player. LFC's fan are divided. Some have expressed their joy to have Bent at Anfield but many, including me... are not keen to have him on board. Like I said earlier, Liverpool need an established striker of an international calibre. We have Suarez. While he is resting for 8 matches, it is mighty importance for the club to have a striker that eventually, combined seamlessly with Suarez when he returns. But Kenny Dalglish has kept mum on this matter.

No one can be really sure of who is actually on Dalglish's radar. Unlike previous Liverpool's manager who always complained on the lacking of monetary power to purchase players, Dalglish has no issues on that matter. Yes, he already spend more than 100 million pounds, and he can recoup the money by selling some of the obviously, unsuitable players for LFC. I won't name them. After all, it's my humble opinion. I do hope the 'unsuitable players' to up their game and perform better from now on. Just the way we hated Lucas Leiva at one stage, but now never failed to send him wishes on the tweet.

The next two matches would be between 7.45pm and 8pm in UK. You have to add 8 hours to know the matches correct time according to Malaysia time. This means, the next two matches would be at 3.45am and 4am respectively. As a loyal diehardcore fan, I rather not sleep than to miss the matches. C'mon Reds!#YNWA

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